n00b question 2: What is this Golden Crate for 500TG in the TG shop? EDIT: nevermind, answer found

meathead013meathead013 Member Posts: 189
so im at Lvl 10.7 and i have 3825 TGs from doing the challenges and from the Black Friday bundle i bought today

my survivors are at L4 and im almost done upgrading the Training thing so i can train them up to L5

i just completed Ch 3 and im not really having any trouble completing anything yet

i noticed that they have this Golden Crate in the TG shop for 500 TG that says "Guaranteed golden level rewards". theres also an Epic Gear Crate for 3000TG, which makes me wonder what exactly is in the Golden Crate when its 1/6ths the price of the Epic Gear Crate

is that the same guaranteed legendary that they discussed in the "Just claimed a Legendary Gear Crate from Trade Goods Shop FREE" thread, but i have to pay 500 TG instead? if so, it looks like i missed that little FREE promotion

but should I get the Golden Crate now anyway or wait? what exactly is in it? will it give me an item consistent with my level, or will it give me something above my level, or something else? is it always going to be there or is it there for some promotion thats going to go away?

if the price isnt going to go up and its always gonna be there, then i expect i should just probably wait. but i didnt want to miss out on something that was gonna disappear so i figured id ask


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