You should have a New Player info thread stickied or perhaps even its own forum

I'm finding a lot of the information i was asking about earlier in other threads but its spread out all over the place so I'm sorta just running into them at random.

I'm also finding external information, either via an interweb search or a link in these forums.

This was the first place I came to in order to figure out some basic game mechanics, but I didn't see a New Player section/thread so I started asking questions. People were nice and answered them, but now I feel it was highly redundant and unnecessary. If there had been a thread or forum here specifically for new players I wouldn't have asked the questions I did, or at least most of them.

Yes, I could have searched the web earlier and found some of this stuff sooner, but I figured that info would all be here. And it actually is, but you really have to go looking for it and read a lot of stuff that doesn't help an early player before you find it.

Perhaps you feel these forums are geared more toward established players, and that's fine. But I feel a little bad clogging up the forum with my n00b questions when all this information is here ... somewhere.

Perhaps just one stickied thread with some basic stuff like the survivor level structures, etc., and/or a list of links to the information for new players?

Just a suggestion.


  • meathead013meathead013 Member Posts: 189
    plus, and very important, theres some very non-intuitive stuff that a new player should know as early as possible

    so youre playing a game where you have team members of various levels and you get new team members primarily through Radio Calls. to get higher level team members the game tells you to upgrade your Radio Tower. So the intuitive assumption is you should upgrade your Tower as soon as possible, right?

    apparently not. as i read through the forums and have my questions answered, i repeatedly see references over and over again to NOT upgrade your tower

    im still struggling to figure out exactly why that is, but it has appeared so many times that its almost a gospel for this game. ive already upgraded my tower once and now im hoping i didnt make a mistake that i cant undo. im probably ok since it was only one level upgrade, but what about the new player who barrels ahead with upgrades, only to find out later they wasted something, or worse they find themselves in an un-fixable disadvantageous position?

    yes, perhaps i should have come here to wade through the threads to find this all out myself, but is that a reasonable assumption for the average game player? at the very least, that info should be easy to access and prominently displayed to avoid getting in that un-fixable position

    just my 2¢
  • JayZJayZ Member Posts: 3,740
    I like the idea of having a stickied thread or a new sub-forum. I'm not going to lie, I totally understand that new players have questions, but it's a bit annoying to see "what does the +1 in my challenge stars mean?" questions every other day. Implementing either of those suggestions helps new players find information faster instead of digging through dozens of pages of information, and it also de-clutters the board for more veteran players.
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  • Squall_NMLSquall_NML Member Posts: 737
    Agree, & add some videos/screenshoot for it. Coz new players have their own way to learn..

    Some learning by reading..

    Some learning by watching..

    Some learning by doing..

    Some learning by scratching..

    Some learning by digging..

    And for me, i learning by farting, pls excused me :blush:
  • meathead013meathead013 Member Posts: 189
    JayZ said:

    I'm not going to lie, I totally understand that new players have questions, but it's a bit annoying to see "what does the +1 in my challenge stars mean?" questions every other day.

    yeah what does that mean? lol. i dont even know
  • Neil_JNeil_J Member Posts: 1,873
    It means that if anybody asks that question again, their phone/tablet/Etch-A-Sketch/device will automatically self-destruct!

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  • rgerkmanrgerkman Member Posts: 2,465
    I think we've tried this.. many a times..
    It either ends up with a ton of cobwebs on it & then buried or it gets completely derailed & then inevitably closed lol sorry

    OneLessTitans Players Guide & the NML Wiki will be great links to have bookmarked & then the Search Button is helpful too.. if not.. there's lots & lots of friendly & experienced people on the Gorums that are always willing to help!!!
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  • IRONDeeIRONDee Member Posts: 469
    edited November 2016
    Also, ask your guildies. They should be happy to answer questions. And yes, there are established guilds that take on newbies. Just not the top tier ones. But some of the top tier ones have feeder guilds where they help you level and learn.

    As for radio tower, in the beginning your survivor level reached a maximum, so you wanted to have higher level survivors and radio tower upgrades helped that. But then they removed the cap, and making your survivors higher level just came down to xp points which only start getting really scarce when your survivors reach level 12.
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  • DLichDLich Member Posts: 5,562
    I think the only issue with upgrading the radio tower is it's become a moot point since the update that allows you to continually upgrade survivors.

    When I gather up 6 million supplies I can max out my camp with the final building upgrade available to me; the radio tower. It says that the max initial hero survivor level will become 18. But there's an underlying factor I noticed when using radios to get survivors.

    The max initial level being highest would only be found on the lowest rarity of survivors. I pulled a Lvl 11 epic yet if it was a common it would be 15. There's some kind of logic that won't give you a higher level higher rarity survivor off radio pulls.

    The higher the rarity the lower the initial level will be. So the "+1 to max initial survivor level" becomes kinda redundant.

    Now it might still be true that if I pulled this same epic survivor after the upgrade it would be initially Lvl 12 instead of 11. In that instance I'd save 74K XP or approximately 10 gas worth of outpost raids lol.

    Upgrading radio tower has become the last thing to upgrade since that max 18 initial survivor level would only appear on common survivors pulled which I would never keep and since it saves 74K XP at the expense of 6 million supplies seems kinda pointless too. I'm inly upgrading ut because I have nothing else to upgrade and need the BP's but it's at the bottom of my priority list.

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  • GrimGaelGrimGael Member Posts: 1,410
    Of course, if veteran players are tired of retyping advice once a week, we could just shamelessly bump this thread every once in a while with little advice tidbits. It would achieve the aim and be more amusing. In fact, since we're pretty much all game players here, it might be immortal if we turn it into a game.
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  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Member Posts: 2,831
    I've got some stuff collected HERE. Haven't seen it have much use yet. @rgerkman might be totally right.
  • GrimGaelGrimGael Member Posts: 1,410
    Almost gave you the lol of scorn. I guess it counts if you aren't retyping the same basic info for at least third time, but definitely not what I was thinking, haha.
  • GrimGaelGrimGael Member Posts: 1,410
    Fight the entropy! I'll be back in 28 1/2 days lol.
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  • meathead013meathead013 Member Posts: 189
    MadPuppy said:

    I've got some stuff collected HERE. Haven't seen it have much use yet. @rgerkman might be totally right.

    Ah see I never saw this because it was in the strategy section and my thinking would be that as a beginner I don't have to worry that much about strategy because I'm still trying to figure out where the bathroom is. That thread should be in this section in my opinion because it would get a lot more attention here
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