Newbie question about fleeing and the "don't kill any walkers" challenge

TL;DR version: 1) How does Fleeing work both in regular missions and in outpost raids? 2) What's the best way to get the achievement for finishing a mission without killing any walkers?

Usually I would keep a forum post one question per thread, but I have a feeling my first question is going to be answered quickly and any real discussion is going to revolve around the second question.

My first question is basically how does fleeing work? There have been times when I looked at the "flee" button, but it says if you want to flee you must leave behind one survivor. That kind of freaked me out - do you lose that character forever or are they just severely mauled and put in the hospital? Once you've chosen to flee and chosen a sacrificial victim, do you then have to move to an edge or something? What if some of your survivors are in a "struggle" with a zombie?

I've noticed, too (in trying to find answers about the "flee" mechanic), people talking about grabbing the Trade Goods from the chest in a player's outpost and then somehow fleeing with the goods, which they get to keep. How can that work? Isn't fleeing a loss?

My second question relates to the challenge to succeed in a mission without killing any walkers. I wanted to do it, but I am having a bit of trouble. I thought maybe the best bet was to do it in a place like the candle room full of walkers in Terminus, where your only goal is to escape. The mission text kind of lead me to believe that sneaking through was really what you are supposed to do. However, when I did that, it turns out that even if you follow a path that doesn't make an alert icon appear over the walkers they will all, the whole room, move toward you anyway. I almost made it but one of my survivors got caught in a struggle and it was basically over after that - one thing led to another and the mission was failed as I recall. Moving slowly through the room slaughtering walkers before they can build up on you seemed like was the best way through that mission.

Apologies if these questions have been asked before. I am sure the first one has, but searching all night I couldn't find anything about it. I do second (or +1000!) the suggestion that there be a newbie question section with stickies and an FAQ. In some games, mods stickied good posts players created to answer questions. I have seen that many of you have some very nice and thoughtful answers, so surely someone could do that.


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    Well if during the mission you get in trouble and the only solution to not leave the 3 characters with heavy injuries, press the flee button you select the character you want to leave with heavy injuries (you will not lose it just go to the hospital), in Outpost if you get in trouble and want to flee without capturing the flag is counted as defeat but if you catch the flag you can flee, and precisely that is the easiest way to achieve the quest of not killing anyone, go outpost and search A rival that gives you less than 400 tg takes characters that do not have retaliate and a scout gets the flag without killing anyone and flees.
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    Welcome to the Gorums & to NML!!!!

    1) you can Flee any Mission.. but if it's a "regular Mission" & no one is Injured.. you have to choose someone & then they get Heavy Injury & a Hospital Visit for 2.5 hours. If in Outpost .. it's 1.5? I think... No, you do not lose your Survivor forever & ever.
    If you are Injured or have players in Struggle.. those players still go to Hospital for x amounts of time.. you don't get a choice of who gets heavy Injury if Survivor is in a Struggle.

    Outpost: you can Flee at anytime & will not Lose as long as you have grabbed the White Flag first! If you Flee before the White Flag.. you lose Influence.
    People bring a Scout with them cause Scouts can run long distances. Once you Open Gate.. you can have your Scout run & open TG & then Flee.. this will result in a Win & x amount of TGs. Only way to get Influence is to "kill" all the Defenders.

    2) Kill No Walkers can be done in only some Challenge Missions. I always save mine for Challenges so I get the extra Star.. but it can be done in Outposts too.
    Usually there's a Discussion Thread each week about the Challenge & someone usually posts which Mission is best for this Goal. In this weeks Terminus.. I used the Last Map on bottom right to complete it.
    The one you tried is hard because it will usually get you injured and/or Trapped in a corner.
    You can do it in Outposts.. just don't kill any Walkers.. use a Scout to run & grab Flag & then Flee.
    Remember when trying for this Goal to not bring any Survivors with Retaliate & use all your AP otherwise your Team will go into Overwatch & a Walker will end up being killed.
    It's best to try for these Goals/Achievements in beginning of Challenges when RSL is only 3 or 4 .. for now atleast

    Hope I answered your questions!!!
    & HTHS!!
    There Are No Such Things As Stupid Questions.!!
    There Are However.. Plenty of Stupid Answers!!

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    This week, I got it done with the Last Box Before The Highway challenge mission. It was the first time I did the mission with Level 3 walkers and my best 3 survivors with the highest health. They scratched and scratched at my Level 22/23 armor and I calmly walked to the exit without injury. The trick was making sure I had room to move and use up my movement points (and no retaliate trait as @rgerkman pointed out). The 30 gold was well worth the loss of about 2400 XP.
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    I just confirmed that going on a raid, grabbing the first flag, and then fleeing without killing any walkers does not trigger the reward. :disappointed:
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