Forum Customization: Can we have the option of customizing our forum 'dashboard'?

WeekOneWeekOne Member Posts: 1,195
@Teeceezy @Shadowkeeper

Not sure if 'dashboard' is the proper terminology but there are several categories that I am really not interested in seeing every time I visit this forum. It would be nice if I was able to customize how I want my forum to look like.

So..... for example, all I'm really interested in are the following categories:
-Suggesation & Ideas

I've bookmarked some of the threads that I am interested in, have muted/marked as read every category that I am not interested in but still see some unread threads which kind of made "mute/marked as read" steps ineffective.

The forum would be much more enjoyable, for me, if I was able to do this.

I hope my explanation makes sense and that this is a function that can be implemented for us.

Thanks for reading!



  • FragzieFragzie Member Posts: 584
    Off Topic needs to go to the same place as Guild Recruitment. Not on the main page, I generally hit Recent Discussions and find half a page of Off Topic crap.
  • WeekOneWeekOne Member Posts: 1,195
    Yeah... hence why it would be nice to be able to customize our experience on the forums. There alot of stuff that I am really not interested in. Hopefully we can get something done :blush:
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