Raid Attempt Not Loading - Losing Points

MattiePMattieP Member Posts: 24
I loaded the game right now to play and saw I dipped below 3000, so I went on a raid. That went fine and I had 2 extra gas so I did another one. That one didn't go so well.

The game did not fully load the level, it only shower a part of the entire level, with no bodies loaded, including my players. Nothing happened when I clicked on their portrait either, not even the normal little pop up. To make it worse, the only thing I could do was to flee, because ending the turn (the only other button that was clickable), would just make it disappear and reappear again like nothing happened. This meant that I "lost" the raid, and I lost 13 points dipping me below 3000 again. I don't want to try it again and have it keep happening until I know it's fixed. Could someone from NG take a look to see what they can do? Also get me that 13 point loss back...


  • wrinkled_bagwrinkled_bag Member Posts: 698
    Instead of fleeing. Restart your game.
    You will only loose a couple of minutes
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