Game Center / Facebook confused

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Okay I've been playing this game for a long time. I play mostly on my iPhone but occasionally played on my iPad. Months back I had issues playing the game on Iona's because it would not sync up to the game on my phone via Game Center. I told the support person that it wasn't working and they acted like I was an idiot. The game saved in my Game Center was much older than my two devices. It was from a save from a game that I lost somehow. Anyway awhile back I tried to delete that game save but whenever I tried to link up Game Center with the current game, it says "are you sure, the save on Game Center will erase the one on your device." So if the old save won't delete from Game Center, what am I supposed to do now, since you guys decided to announce that that warning?

Btw what was the point of linking our Facebook accounts if they too do not sync or save anything either?
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