Links to threads that are useful for beginners (and in some cases even for veterans)

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A string of beginner questions.
HERE on upgrading and getting gear
HERE struggle, retaliate, overwatch & mission failure
HERE on the determination of the starting difficulty level of a mission

A veteran asking for tips to share with beginners, and other veterans responding with close to a million tips. A gold mine, intimidating to a beginner, but ever so worthwhile.

List of which heroe's feature in which season mission

About using phones / radio's:
HERE How to use them
HERE How to use them
HERE the merit of 10x phone calls (aka silver calls)
HERE How to farm them

About raiding (get TG, gain Influence, or go for both?)
HERE a huge discussion thread
HERE specifically on farming for TG in outposts

Heroes - how, when and where can I get them?
Hero's don't use survivor slots

Challenges & stars & guilds
HERE Round passes

Reliability of video ads
HERE on how many video's you get

Survivor slots and their gold cost

HERE you can post screenshots of your radio pulls, your survivors or gear and learn what's good or bad about them.

HERE is an external source with a shlew of golden information by a veteran forum member and NML Player.

HERE is an excellent list of video's that show you how stuff is done!

HERE You can post screens of completed missions to get FORUM badges (look in your profile page to see them)

HERE you can see what's at the end of the rainbow.

EXCELLENT explanation of Rick's leader trait

Changes made to the game that were in line with community requests:
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    Starting level is also called RSL. RSL is an acronym for: Recommended Survivor Level, as shown at the startscreen of your missions.

    Acronym for: Random Number Generator. It's the programming that simulates randomness in the game. The feeling of luck, chance, probabilities, etc.

    Trade Goods.
    You get them from the outpost building, from raiding (if you get the crate), from playing challenge missions and/or guild rewards. (To name a few off the top of my head)
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    This is the kind of post we should have as a sticky. Moderators, is that something that can be done?
    Anyway thanks for the post I am bookmarking it for sure!
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    ty for starting this thread

    as i stated elsewhere, my recommendation would be to keep this in the General forum. that is the first place i went as a new player and expected to see something like this thread there. i didnt consider the strategy forum bc to me thats some place you go to discuss specific strategies once you become seasoned in the game, most usually to get past difficult missions. a new player wouldnt be concerned with those kinds of strategy discussions bc they are still in the learning the basics phase, which is what this thread is actually for

    i realize these forums appear to have a tradition established where all strategy discussions come here. however, i would expect most new players to operate under the same assumption i did, meaning they will go right to the General forum first and this thread will get far less attention from new players than it should

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    Thank you for your support!

    I didn't:
    • in order to keep the stickies to a minimum
    • and to keep responses to beginners as a case to case thing, keeping it personal.

    This thread can be easily linked to when the occasion arises. A link to it is also in my signature.

    So far the use for it has been fairly limited, so I don't see the need to make it any more prominent than it is now.
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    The problem with it being posted in the general section is it would quickly be knocked down the list and would be impossiible to find after a few weeks (unless it was being searched for}. Thanks for your work @MadPuppy
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    Thank you for pinning this
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    @WeekOne , not sure what the issue is please don't be toxic. You've said your piece already so stop spamming and move on. Last warning. Further disregard for the rules will result in loss of forum privileges.
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    @zbot I thought the forums was for all members and since I see the thread called "useful links" I figured it was fitting to add that thread for n00bs and veterans to share. I don't see where spamming is coming from today?

    Am I limited to how many posts I can do in one day and which threads? I just want to understand. Thank you!
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    What does it mean to get a badge for posting? What does TG mean in reference to outpost? How can I find an avatar?
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    Wiushi said:

    What does it mean to get a badge for posting?

    Badges are given for many things on the forums
    To find which ones you have go to your profile
    Wiushi said:

    What does TG mean in reference to outpost?

    Trade Goods
    Wiushi said:

    How can I find an avatar?

    Google avatar, other search engines are available
    Probably better searching "forum avatar" as most results come back with the 2009 Film Avatar

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    Any picture can serve as an avatar - your real life pic, a character from media, a piece of cheese, or whatever else you can imagine
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    Before it's lost on 25th page of General Chat, here's a link to pretty exhaustive list of terms.

    NML Glossary:
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    NML is ever changing so the older the post, the more obsolete the info. 

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    This is a guide from @JayZ
    (also outdated, but some useful info still)

    This is a guide from @ZXer
    (posted recently)

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