NG !!!. Please make the weapon craft menu. I really dont wanna delete my weps for exps.

Please make the weapon craft menu. I really dont wanna delete my legendary weps for exps. I have one suggestion to craft. For example, to create new wep it requires 3 weps. Just like KingsRoad. If it will happens game will more and more interesting. Sorry my English.


  • DaleDale Member Posts: 1,122
    What is a weapon craft menu?
  • JadenJaden Member Posts: 3,067
    Probably something you can access to combine several weapons to create a new one...
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  • GreySeerGreySeer Member Posts: 308
    Which in short will come down to removing level cap on weapons.

    Don't get me wrong, I'd love for that to happen. But with the paid bundles with weapons I do not see that happening anytime short.

    Unless OP means that they like to craft three level 12 weapons into a single level 12 weapon, but I highly doubt that.
  • HaiyanHaiyan Member Posts: 156
    I'm gonna like this just because you also play Kingsroad :)
  • AYHJAAYHJA Member Posts: 59
    I have two maxed out level 21 legendary armors that I have to switch out because the silver trait isn't desirable for most situations. Cost me a huge amount of time and resources to upgrade them both to make them usable.

    Armor 1 - Silver Iron Skin | Gold Dodge | Gold Bulletproof
    Armor 2 - Silver Dodge | Gold Stun Resist | Gold Iron Skin

    I want to combine them to : Silver Stun | Gold Dodge | Gold Bulletproof

    I thought that certain combinations are impossible, but I have a rare armor that is just the combination I want. Makes me sad.

    I don't know what would work but, being able to upgrade or mix and match identical pieces of gear and weapons would be fantastic.
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