Season 7, Episode 6: Official Discussion Thread (SPOILERS INSIDE)

Here be spoilers.


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    Sand Walkers confirmed!! @Teeceezy

    Edit: wow they really are in the game!!
  • If anyone is interested, this is my recap of the episode.

    Tara isn't a very exciting character for me. Sure, it's nice to see her back, but an entire episode about her was a bit dull. I found myself far more interested in Heath, and I'm wondering where he has gone. After all, he had the RV, so he should have returned back to Alexandria before Tara (who was on foot). And what does PPP mean? On Talking Dead, they said that only Scott Gimple really knows...

    Looking forward to next week, which should prove to be more exciting, with Jesus and Carl going to the Saviors' headquarters.
  • Yes I agree @TransmuteJun Tara doesn't seem to be a exciting character on the show but it is something new. I believed they could have at least show both her and Heath both instead of just Tera.
  • Sad truth is this episode brought nothing to the table. If Tara dies a few episodes later, it'll be like a huge waste of time!
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  • Well, Glenn died a few episodes later, making the dumpster thing a waste of time.
  • why have they stopped making episode threads???
  • @TransmuteJun I agree with you. I thought the entire "Glenn dumpster" thing was totally irrelevant. Now, I understand that Kirkman had stated that it was a production test, but I still despise what they did, even to this day. The whole situation just slowed down the story, which kinda made the Glenn death in season 7 a rip off. One of season 6's major issues included useless manipulation with the audience, which clearly wasn't necessary, for it didn't progress the plot much.

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