Grenadier Class

We did a challenge where there where grenadier walkers if you killed them with a bullet they would explode. So if the're are grenadier walkers, there should be Grenadier Class surviors.

Grenadiers Throws charges at the walkers which explode directly damaging a 3*3 Area Attack. (No Friendly Fire)

At three Kills there Charge Abillity is unlocked. A Remote Bomb they can place, whit a 5*5 Area Attack. (Warning: Friendly Fire)

Weapons; Grenades (Damage is between Assault and Hunter Class)
Armor: Heavy Armor like Bruisers, they can take a hit.

Possible upgrade at Workshop: If walker/human survive the blast => additional Fire Damage

Using your charge ability is like a drop and run strategy. You basicly create an ambush for the walkers and detonate the charge when you want. Only one remote bomb/char is possible. you have to Detonate it before you can use it again.
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