Lets redo the "Silenced" trait

AYHJAAYHJA Member Posts: 59
edited November 2016 in Suggestions & Ideas
I think this works well as reverse threat elimination for shooters, essentially. I have never seen a scout weapon with gold threat reduction. Silenced should align with that trait more closely.

I'd propose that gold silenced work a lot like gold threat reduction at about 75%/50%/25% instead of 10%/20%/30% to make it more useful and desirable.

A weapon that is ideally only silent 30% of the time isn't a silenced weapon. In the walking dead world, weapons that are silent are great for covert, black ops missions. I'd like to imagine compiling a team that prides itself on in and out, quick and efficient runs that don't attract a ton of attention. While I don't want reality to all of a sudden make its way here, a silenced weapon is usually weaker than one that isn't. I'm sure you could find a reasonable offset. Not allowing a weapon to be gold silenced or a weapon with gold silenced not having gold interrupt or gold lethal, for example.
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