Different Survivor "builds"

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Not sure if this has been done before here, but in some games where you get to choose the abilities or skills (here referred to as 'traits') there are certain builds developed by gamers.

I am interested in one particular build - the all CRIT build, and the traits are as follows:

Survivor traits:
1. Luck
2. Marksman
3. Sureshot
4. Vigilant
5. Dodge

Weapons traits:
1. Accurate
2. Destructive
3. Luck

To me this is my most ideal traits that my survivors/weapons should have. Of course it's going to differ depending on the survivor class (example, I'd want widespread 45 degrees for assault). Hopefully this will be helpful to the newbies who'll be asking advice for their survivors.

What other "builds" can you think of?

And to make an all critical team, throw in Daryl as leader or whoever hero that has traits that increase critical chance


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    I only care of luck, dodge and interrupt. First of all interrupt.
    And it's 5 months i don't get a gold interrupt!! :(
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