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    One of our guild members is a very unhappy camper right now. He used his 15 radios to get an epic bruiser. He went afk and came back to see his bruiser gone and his radios back in his inventory.

    Same happened to me with a legendary bruiser once. After 1 month waiting the support replied me a technical explanation (nothing new, its caused by a disconnect). But no compensation. I asked for it but waiting since over a week for a reply. It seems to be bad luck, and thats it. :(
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    Sorry to hear that. If they can give us a legendary weapon to replace our bugged Ragtag weapon, you would think Nextgames can compensate you for your lost legendary survivor.
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    i just did 15 radio calls with council lvl 10 and radio tent lvl 5. i got 7/13 Rare Warrior.

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  • Alonso__JrAlonso__Jr Member Posts: 5
    it's only with me or after this Update is more difficult to get Epic and Legendary in the Radio? :|
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    I'm getting so pissed off right now! I did 7 X 15 radios calls so far, and guess what I get? All 7 are stupid rares, not even an single epic or legendary.
  • BarlouBarlou Member Posts: 50
    ButtLight said:

    I'm getting so pissed off right now! I did 7 X 15 radios calls so far, and guess what I get? All 7 are stupid rares, not even an single epic or legendary.

    I guess we know now how they make money.. sell Radios!!
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  • AzrulAzrul Member Posts: 48
    I have wasted a good deal of radios now in various combinations. Bottom line: a handful of rares - all rejected for about 80 calls.

    Now I'm gonna play the game as F2P for a bit longer and maybe indulge in a bundle when I see one that I like just in a way of supporting Next Games. However, with drop rates as low as this, I don't see how myself or anyone else would actually sink wads of cash for such little return.
    I totally understand why the game needs funding via radios and gold. That's fair enough but with the current records, best of luck to the whales.

    Fwiw, I'm going to quick to calling survivors one by one. Good luck to all.
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    I haven't kept an accurate tab on how many 15 calls I've done. I'm guessing 5... But I have had one epic max 14 that I kept and 2 rare max lvl 16 that I switched out for lower max lvl people... Council and radio tower lvl maxed out....
  • CainCain Member Posts: 24
    I've done 4x15 radio calls and have gotten 2 rares and 2 epic. So according to my drop rate the rate of better than rare is really good. I think people may be misunderstanding how random works. Sometimes you're on the good side of luck and sometimes on the bad side. Also before someone says "but look at all the people complaining so it must be bad" people on the bad side of luck usually do speak up more than the one's getting good luck.

    I'm not saying there aren't issues but I think it's more with the max level of characters as one of my epic's was level max 11 which means he won't last that long since I can take characters up to 12.
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    I did 7 X 15 radio call outs with a lvl 4 radio tent.

    I was lvl 22 at the time with a lvl 9 council.

    Epic 3/11 lvl scout.
    Epic 4/12 lvl Hunter.
    Rare 5/12 Shooter
    Rare 4/12 Hunter
    Rare 4/12 Scout

    There were 2 uncommon survivors that I reject. One was a bruiser and the other a scout. I can't recall their lvls.

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  • plumdawg69plumdawg69 Member Posts: 4
    I have done the 15 radio call three times and got epic epic epic no legendary yet
  • BarlouBarlou Member Posts: 50
    anyone tried to do the 5 radio call?? maybe better luck?
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  • BarlouBarlou Member Posts: 50
    so in total i have done 5x of 15 radio call and i got 4 rare and 1 epic bruiser with max lvl of 13 and 1 is 14 for the rare.
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  • facemanakfacemanak Member Posts: 117
    3x 15-Radios call:
    1. 4* Scout
    2. 4* Bruiser
    3. 3* Shooter
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  • facemanakfacemanak Member Posts: 117
    No sense to use 1-Radio calls.
    Almost senseless to use 5-Radio calls.

    IMHO, 15-Radio call works a little bit better then it was before update.
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  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
    Just got a 6/14 4* warrior with level 5 radio tent. Finally getting somewhere.
  • VerbaubVerbaub Member Posts: 650
    This is my latest batch of radio buys. I don't think I'm going to keep logging them.
    My opinion is that the 1 drops are definitely nerfed, and I will be sticking to 5 drops, and maybe 15 drops if I can every generate enough radios consistently to do them.

    Lvl 25/26 Council 11 Radio 5

    1 radio buys---5 radio buys---15 radio buys

    1* 10/12 H ---- 2* 8/12 B
    1* 9/11 S ----- 2* 9/13 H
    2* 6/10 S ----- 3* 7/13 H
    3* 6/12 Sh---- 2* 7/11 A
    1* 9/11 B ----- 2* 8/12 Sh
    3* 5/11 Sh----
    1* 10/12 S ----
    2* 8/12 W ----
    2* 8/12 B -----
    1* 9/11 B ------
    1* 9/11 S ------
    2* 8/12 H -----
    2* 8/12 S -----
    2* 7/11 H -----
    1* 10/12 W ----
    2* 8/12 S ------
    1* 7/9 W ------
    1* 10/12 A -----
    2* 8/12 Sh ----
    2* 8/12 S -----
    2* 7/11 B -----
    2* 8/12 Sh ----
    1* 10/12 W ----

    The low start level and really narrow range of the characters is really a problem. I already have a stable of Rare characters from before the update that max at level 13, so almost none of these drops has been beneficial to me other than replacing a character that maxed out or got killed. Just my 2c worth ... I think I'll be sticking to 5 drops from now on.
  • Alonso__JrAlonso__Jr Member Posts: 5
    i'm not going do Radio Calls anymore. Gonna finish the game just with Rares x/12 and save the Radios for when i get Highest Council / RadioTent Levels. Otherwise gonna be a waste of resources and time.. B)
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    Headhunter ask him call again... he will get back the same survivor but may be different name~!
  • kalel6kalel6 Member Posts: 9
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    77 radios all spent on 15 radio calls the rest on 1 radio calls. 1 epic level12 and the rest where disgarded :-( really sad since the update / downgrade.
  • AzrulAzrul Member Posts: 48
    Someone in our guild got lucky with 3 epics and 1 leg in 4 calls using 15 radios at a time but I keep getting rares only...
  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
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    I'm now 3 rares and 3 epics on 15 radio callouts.
  • PutchucoPutchuco Member Posts: 1,289
    8x 15 radio calls, 8 rare survivors, max lvl 15 :(
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  • McDeathMcDeath Member Posts: 8
    This would have been a good change IF they had no nerfed 1 radio calls.. which they did. This is NOT an improvement for the players but an improvement for the money makers at the game end. It would be nice if they just came out and said 'We messed it up and have to fix it, this is how it should have been and is not actually good for you at all'
  • warbirdwarbird Member Posts: 132
    Last week, 3 tries @ 15 radios.... My third go I bagged a legendary warrior. My first legendary. B)
  • AzrulAzrul Member Posts: 48
    4 attempts at 15 radios - 4 rares...
    And yes I did try calling 15 single radios and 3*5 radios.. to no better result.

    Not fun at all....
  • kalel6kalel6 Member Posts: 9
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    Amazing how 1 update can destroy a game. Radios and trying to find a good survivor were an integral and fun part of the game. By almost making radio drops non existant AND making the odds of getting a worth while survivor non existant the game is ruined IMO. I think though it will never be like it was. If you look at the how quickly they put up a hotfix and announcement for other issues caused by the latest update. But regards this there is radio silence :-)
  • SabrinaSabrina Member Posts: 144
    After update I have got nothing sensible from the character lottery. I have tried 15, 5 and 1 phones. Now I have 94 phones and eagerly waiting a) if I can have more than 99 phones b) "Soon", as it is told in Council upgrade :)

    Basically radio tent generates decent characters. The problem is, that after the update the whole game seems to tuned for player level 10 (like missions) . Before the update I got many x/17 characters, which I have leveled. After the update I have got with every efforts max x/17 characters. So I just collect phones and hope the miracle that upgrade of Council "Soon" will happens in the future :)

    It seems that the radio tent should be upgraded before getting x/17 characters like before the update. But the Council... =D

    Same thing with gear. Even gold cards and prizes are tuned for lvl10 player. I not like to whine, but the recent upgrade was a downgrade to the players who have spend time and maybe money to the game.

    Just please open Council for upgrading and we players do the rest for getting some money to the game company :)
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  • dfg2dfg2 Member Posts: 32
    They may very well be targeting max max lvl 20, meaning radios should be spent as late as possible (depends on how your current lineup allows) to get as few have-be-replaced survivors as possible. However, NG is probably aware of this "strategy" and may disallow getting the best survs purely from phones, and instead introduce an evolution system that was mentioned.
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