New Hero Rufus, spoilers????



  • MonsutaMonsuta Member Posts: 1,168
    Hmm, maybe NG should let Rufus automatically duplicate the amount of the lowest unlocked rare hero's token values we already had.
    For example if amongs all my unlocked heroes, Tara is Rare & got 16 tokens then Rufus automatically have the same amount.
    If I pull another 32 Tara's tokens, Rufus will automatically got that another 32 tokens too, no need to add his token inside the pool since he's free & not in the show.

    @Shteevie How's this suggestion?
  • ShteevieShteevie Staff Posts: 1,335
    It would be fun for some folks if we just gave away lots of free tokens.

    Thankfully, that's what we plan to do, with new ways to earn rewards coming in future updates. I don't think we're going to make Rufus tokens come for free with every other token pull, though, or else he'd be everyone's most-upgraded hero, and we didn't intend for him to be the best character in the game. Just different.
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  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Member Posts: 2,831
    Pig said:

    Shteevie said:

    we didn't intend for him to be the best character in the game.

  • Neil_JNeil_J Member Posts: 1,873
    I think even free tokens aren't worth the cost for Dufus!
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  • TomWaumanTomWauman Member Posts: 2
    a minor bug that I still experience with the molotov is that it can't hit walkers that are next to the target, but not visible. Which is kinda regrettable since an exploding weapon doesn't need visibility versus the standard machine gun of the assault class. Maybe this can get fixed in the next release :wink:
  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Member Posts: 2,831
    Shteevie said:

    ...we'll be able to use that feature to make more / other grenade-style weapons in the future.

    Sneaking in a nice teaser there. Woohoo.

  • RealC0manRealC0man Member Posts: 46
    Wow, haha, never heard of the talking dead befor Rufus, and boy and I'm happy.

    It's comedy alright, never thought I'd hear Maggie asking Glenn if his 'Glenn, or Mark' haha

    Ty NG for this Easter egg
  • jawhita26jawhita26 Member Posts: 1
    How do you get Rufus I have the game but it tells me I have to use the radio to unlock him
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