S7M, Episode 7: Last Man Standing, Official Discussion Thread (May contain game spoilers)



  • CyTrek74CyTrek74 Member Posts: 4
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    I agree, all I have is level 12 characters and if someone that has level 13 can't even get through here or someone with a level 15 is having difficulty how in the heck am I supposed to get through it? I don't mind game difficulty actually enjoy it, but when it gets too difficult to get through is no longer fun.

    I did find a level 13 character to play with and had just as much difficulty as with the level 12 character. One thing I've noticed is that a soon as you get to red on healh your dead. Seems like the Walker hits or abnormally harder than in other places in the game,
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    @CyTrek74 the walker level is relative to your survivor level, so theoretically the difficulty is comparable for a level 12 and 15 survivor. My survivors are 15, and I got thru all 5 but did incur lots of hospital time. See the thread about this mission in general discussion if you'd like some tips from various players who have completed it.
  • NecroboogieNecroboogie Member Posts: 1,108
    Trial 2 Leg Warrior

    Trial 5 Epic Daryl
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    Level 20??? I'm nowhere NEAR that. lol

    My problem is after 3 hits from walkers, I'm dead with a l13 player.
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  • iBolskiiBolski Member Posts: 61
    psychwolf said:

    Just finished it with Daryl. Stay over to the right and line them up.

    Tried that before and it almost worked, but I just get ganged up on. That's how I beat trial #1. Didn't work on trial #2. I'll try it again though. Thanks!
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  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 3,617
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    It doesn't matter what level you are, the difficulty is scaled to your level. The last few episodes have been pathetically easy.

    It was nice to have one that was a tiny bit challenging.

    Made it feel like I actually earned the rewards this time, rather than the silver platter.

    Good Episode

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    Finally got Trial 2 beat. Man that was frustrating! :D

    Used Daryl again. This time, I had him hang out in the left-hand area and pick off walkers from there. It seemed to work. Took two hits and was able to escape finally. Got a little nervous there. Not sure I'm looking forward to trials 3, 4 and 5. :p

    Thanks to everyone for your tips and suggestions!
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  • bigbeanobigbeano Member Posts: 602
    I don't know which I hate more,the Daryl one passed me off BAD!Please no more solo ones in the future!I bet new people really hate these maps 2
  • Squall_NMLSquall_NML Member Posts: 737
    Frustating indeed! :dizzy:
    But it wasn't mission imposibble, just lvl up your Daryl + upgrade your best weapon and armor.

    Good luck :)
  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Member Posts: 2,831
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    Merged @ibolski

    I think armor with gold dodge + gold luck and a survivor with dodge + luck as high as possible is going to help a good deal. So gather your best stuff in that area.

    When I did 4/5 of this trial I scraped through with only the slightest sliver of life left over, and that was after about 10 (no exaggeration) very lucky dodges. I was at the bottom in that mission. For 5/5 I used Daryl and stayed at the far right.

    The level of the missions is based on your survivor levels. In my case my best survivors are level 20, so the walker levels will range from level 18 on 1/5 to level 22 on 5/5. In your case, assume your survivors are level 13 then the walkers should range from 11 to 15.

    So while the video's may show higher level players than you, they can still very much apply, because in your case not only the suvivors are lower than those in the video's, so are the walkers. So relatively speaking it should be about the same.

    For what it's worth, below is my video for 5/5. Sorry for the ad-watching in it, I forgot to stop recording at the end.

  • PigPig Member Posts: 1,870
    I got 5/5 with a warrior. I had thought it would be assault all the way but my best assault couldn't finish the last level.

    My warrior is 5* level 19 with luck, retaliate, dodge, iron skin, and strong. His sword is level 20 with silver arc, gold luck, and gold interrupt. Armor is level 21 with gold dodge, silver iron skin, and silver bullet dodge (irrelevant for this challenge.

    I give that detail because I don't think you need to be fully geared up, and you don't necessarily need gold arc. My warrior has underpowered gear for his level, and only silver arc.

    The overwatch-based traits weren't much help because I had to attack most of the time. Retaliate and dodge, boosted by luck, were probably the most value. Iron skin and strong help of course.
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  • bigmacbigmac Member Posts: 131
    The weekly challenge is extremely hard I'm putting people in the hospital left and right any good tips out there please and current using a Warriors with retaliate.
  • Nightwolf1986Nightwolf1986 Member Posts: 46
    I did the challenges 1 to 4 with Jezus, but can't do it the last one. Jezus is only 3* but has also retaliate, and got a weapon that can hit in a 5 square area. Walkers are lvl 17 but just getting him upgraded and I hope that I can do it that way.

    I suggest to go on the offensive, kill them when you see them as fast a possible. Otherwise the swarm on you.
  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Member Posts: 2,831
    Merged. Please look through this thread. There might be a lot of stuff here that will help you.
  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 1,994

    I suggest to go on the offensive, kill them when you see them as fast a possible. Otherwise the swarm on you.

    Not 100% of the times though, sometimes it is better to back off so you don't get hit. There is only so many hits your survivor can take.
    This has an added bonus if the walkers then decide to stand a little closer together so you can hit them all at once.

    in 5/5 I only took 1 hit. I did use a weapon that would one-hit-kill the walkers most of the time.
    The 1 hit happened when I didn't one-hit-kill them.
  • Squall_NMLSquall_NML Member Posts: 737
    Sorry, only used warrior on 1st attempt, 2nd: assaults, 3rd, 4th, 5th:hunters. If you post your recent lvl, weapon & armor would be helpful to other expert gamers.

    PS: Can i eat you a lil bit? Pls don't let me starving :smiley:
  • Marcus6253Marcus6253 Member Posts: 202
    I did trials 1 through 4 with a 5 star 18th level warrior with dodge, retaliate, iron skin, luck, and power strike. She was using my best warrior weapon which is a legendary level 19 with silver accurate, gold luck and gold arc and wearing epic level 18 armor with silver dodge, silver health boost and gold iron skin.

    One strategy that helped me on these levels was using my charge often to thin the herds. For example if I had one loan walker separated by some space from 3 in a line, I used the first charge attack on the one lone walker then the second on the 3 in a line. This meant that killing the 3 in line fully recharged my attack so that I was ready for 2 attacks next turn.

    Unfortunately, my best survivors are level 19 hunters and assaults upgraded to 19 last week using the gas and experience booster gift. This means that my level 5 trial used my best survivor level + 2 which means level 21 walkers. With my level 18 warrior this meant a high percentage of body shots which resulted in very few one shot kills on the level 21 walkers. Needless to say I didn't make it. My only hope, therefore, is to level up my warrior to 19 so that the body shots are reduced. Thus I will spend the rest of this week scavenging for experience points so I can upgrade my warrior.
  • mostlyharmlessmostlyharmless Member Posts: 153
    With Daryl and some luck i did it. I was left down in the corner.
    Thanks for all tips and hints.

  • FelioFelio Member Posts: 102
    Totally ridiculous. It angers me when games do this and string you along with easy or normal difficulty challenges, then crank it way up so you can't actually finish it. It's just like poker; they want us pot committed before they raise so we keep betting. It only works once, though. The people that buy their way through the challenge will be disinclined to do it next time you pull the prank.
  • HeadvilleHeadville Member Posts: 2
    Me too.. This is impossible with the lvl my characters are in now

    I got 2 words RAGE QUIT!

  • MortmerMortmer Member Posts: 169
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    It seems that every time one of my survivors gets into a struggle, regardless of the health, the mission ends in defeat.

    I have seen my survivor win a struggle, in the graphics anyway, the zombie fall down dead and then been presented with the Defeat screen at least 5 times.

    This challenge is hard enough as it is but I don't think having a lvl 20 survivor with 3/4+ health die after a struggle is really reasonable.
  • jimmorrison369jimmorrison369 Member Posts: 1,994
    It's a shame that the wrestler trait can't save you in this mission. (Based on Mortmer's story)
    This would've been the time to shine IMO.

    Without wrestler trait death is imminent of course. There is no-one to save you from the struggle.
  • NecroboogieNecroboogie Member Posts: 1,108
    @707EmeraldTriangle there's a app ad for that... post pics of your survivors and gear and I'm sure the forums can get you through it. That's why I used Epic Daryl with that gear instead of my pink star like in 4th and leg gear. There's many ways to skin a cat... Lol and no I'm not posting cat skinning vids...maybe a @capibara skinning vid... ;)

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  • LoislLoisl Member Posts: 50
    I'm experiencing the same issue. Level 20 and can't get past 3/5
  • Tapatio75Tapatio75 Member Posts: 636
    For trial 4 I got the green pass as the same time that I was attacked and got into a struggle, I was lucky and won
  • insight55insight55 Member Posts: 37
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    I think I have seen this in other missions aswell.
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