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    I didn't think about leveling up making the walkers stronger but that makes sense but I have my equipment upgraded all the way so that's not the problem & I've tried every class & it doesn't matter none of my characters can do it cause 98% of the time the walkers won't die in the 1st shot/hit which allows them to swarm me before I have a chance & paying to play like I said would help if I could because it would be the only chance I'd have to get equipment that's strong enough to do the job but paying to play is not an option for me. I've been able to complete the trials for every set of season 7 missions but I guess I won't be finishing this one in time, I've got less then 24 hrs & no chance in hell, I'm glad I wasted this past week busting my ass for nothing.
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    Wrong thread
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    Have you tried the strategy of keeping to the far right where the bike is but as farthest away from the walkers as possible?

    With fully upgraded gear you should normally be able to kill the walkers with a hunter or assault (if you keep far to the right and don't try to kill as many as you can, just those getting close - I prefer assault, others hunter).

    I also don't pay to win but had no trouble with this challenge whatsoever. Might change for the next one since I just leveled my first guy to 19 and don't have corresponding gear leveled up yet. Hope it will not be a hard one. :p
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    Finally!!! Most painful challenge by far!
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    Well I tried the method Jaden said above & no go plus sense I'm damn near out of time I blew through all my gold healing to try again & again & again but too many of the walkers still survived the 1st time I shot each of them, I used assault class & hunter class w/fully upgraded equipment & did exactly what was suggested above. It's pretty f***** clear that I'm pretty much the only person that plays this that cannot under any circumstances beat the final challenge cause I haven't seen a single post on any thread talking about not being able to do it so I wasted all my f***** gold for nothing & still don't get shit cause this particular trial was too much especially w/it being in such a retardedly small area, there's no way to not get surrounded when your in such a small area & damn near none of the walkers will die in anything less then 2 hits/shots. I hope to god the next set isn't this messed up.
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    Really sorry that you can't beat it @ChrisCh84 !
    Sounds like maybe you have the survivors leveled up faster than you can provide level appropriate weapons for them, or something like that.

    I may be wrong of course. But I was in such a position (by my own doing I may add).

    I had been upgrading in an unusual order according to some. Leading to me having a camp that would allow for level 19 survivors but having negelected to upgrade training and workshop, so my survivors were in fact maxed at level 16 and using gear that was even lower.

    I had decided to wait on working hard for gear until I had a much higher level, preferably max 20.

    I went and stuck with that strategy, and by now I've got most of it in line, and thus am able to get through the levels. But back then, I couldn't get through a lot of stuff. It was infuriating.

    So, long story short, maybe you've fallen a little behind with either workshop or traininggounds. Or maybe you're just in a spot where you've upgraded your survivors but haven't yet gotten the higher level gear with good traits for them yet. It could be that this particular mission came by at just such an inconvienient time in your base progress.

    If so, I'd just sigh a little, try a little, and if it really just doesn't work, in spite of all the advice in this thread, move on and enjoy the stuff that does fit your survivors and gear.

    These season seven levels are developed in a way as to be intended to be doable for everyone, as it should scale to your own level. Though the 5/5 trial is ofcourse meant to be challenging, due to it being +2 levels above yours.
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    on my device this is the last of the available 'season' missions with season 8 set to open in 3.5 hours. it says 'Trial 5.5 Reward 30 Michonne Tokens', with the same 3.5 hourse remaining specified right above it. so it looks like im not going to be getting those 30 Michonne tokens, but i still want to try to pass this level

    i have completed all the previous season missions with almost no difficulty. this one has been impossible for me to pass. it says Level 9 survivors recommended. I have all five of my current survivor classes (scout, bruiser, hunter, shooter, assault) with at least one level 9 survivor. every class (except warrior which only has Rufus) has at least one 4 star survivor at level 9. i have kept equipment upgraded to the max available. i have not spent money outside of the initial welcome bundle so most of the equipment is 3 stars with some 2 or 4 stars in various places

    this level has a very simple set up: your lone survivor is placed in the middle of an open area with exit spaces at the top and bottom. you start out with two walkers and more come in every turn. there are narrower areas to the left and right. walkers come in from all directions and you have to survive long enough (or kill enough walkers, im not sure which) until the exits open

    i have tried every one of my classes (except warrior) and its 4-star level 9 survivor for this mission. they were all obliterated with no problem at all. by far the closest i have come is using Daryl, who i currently have at 3 stars. he has a level 11 4-star rifle with silver interruptor and destructive (+40% crit dam), and gold piercing. his armor is level 12 3-star with bronze Stun resist, and silver bulletproof (useless) and iron skin. he has level 2 silent shot and marksman, and level 3 retaliate

    the only way ive managed to get him close to winning is to go to one of the narrow sides and fight from there. if i stay in the middle he gets overwhelmed. unfortunately, when ive finally been able to make it to the opening of the exit panes, he get swarmed over by more advanced levels of walkers and cant make it to the exits

    is there some trick im missing? this seems like a bizzarrely huge jump in difficulty all of a sudden compared to all the other missions. all my other survivors get easily slaughtered. and the best ive been able to do with daryl is come close but still quite a ways away from winning

    i know if i try to level up my survivors the recommended level is just going to rise also, right? every previous mission of any type in this game ive been able to run 1-2 levels below the recommended with almost no problem. but suddenly on this one, im using the recommended level survivor, fully loaded with the best leveled equipment ive been able to find. and yet its not even close for anybody but Daryl, who still fails every time

    whats going on?
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    This thread is all about that level, and contains a ton of tips (including some video's).

    If you have Daryl anywhere decent (or another good hunter) and with decent gear, the best I can do is show you how I did it at 5/5.

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    As I said I'm clearly the only person not going to be able to beat the final trial on this one, I've been able to beat all the other ones w/out too much trouble but this one is a whole different story not only did I blow through all my gold healing my characters in order to try finishing it before the next set came out but I flat out can't do it. I've watched videos & read how others did it & tried absolutely everything but I can't do it cause none of the walkers will die w/out hitting/shooting them twice, I also noticed everyone in the videos I watched had bad ass weapons whereas I have the best I've been able to get w/out paying to get chances at better equipment which I can't do right now. The areas way too damn small for what I'm expected to do while being able to use only 1 character which is messed up, this one was way too much & for me to be able to finish all the trials for the other sets of season 7 missions including the episode 8 trial but not this one makes no sense, the only explanation I can come up w/is the walkers in this one are stronger & take more damage how else would I be able to kill walkers 2 levels higher than me in one hit/shot every single time in all the other trials including episode 8's but not this one. Honestly even though its not gonna happen I deserve all the extra character tokens you get for finishing it in time as well as all my gold back but oh well I got screwed what's new. I just hope that when the show comes back & more sets of season 7 missions are released that whoever makes them doesn't make them so f***** up cause this one is nothing more than bull s*** & the anger I feel about it will never go away. I'm sure a lot of people think I'm just complaining for nothing but I honestly don't care cause this trial is f*****.
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    I don't think you're complaining for nothing @ChrisCh84
    Your frustration is VERY understandable. I just wish I had any new advice that could help you.

    That bad ass weapons can be had without real money though. I've recently gotten really good stuff for two of my classes (hunter and shooter) from the TG store, and I think that the new hunter weapon did the trick for me on this level. Without that I may have been in the same spot. But we'll never know.

    Maybe you can put it in perspective.
    Keep playing, having fun with other stuff, the worst you miss out on is 15 phones and a bunch of tokens. Those phones are easily gained each week, then used on radio calls, and by that route eventually the tokens will come as well. If winning this level isn't going to work, maybe that perspective helps you get past it. It's not a game breaker missing out on those rewareds.
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    I appreciate all that @MadPuppy & as much as it sucks that I'll be missing out on the phones & tokens the thing that really makes me mad is that I had no problems w/any of the other season 7 missions including the set for episode 8 & the fact that they would make a trial w/walkers 2 levels higher then me & put me in such a small area. As for getting better weapons from the trade goods store goes I've never been able to cause they cost more goods then I've ever had or ever will have, I've never had more than 3 thousand something at one time & never will unless I get a credit card & pay for extra stuff. Thank you for the positive message but my anger towards whoever made this particular trial will never go away cause it's too much plain & simple & it's clear as day they intentionally made this trial as per as to impossible as they possibly could trying to be cute. The areas too small, only being able to use 1 character is absolutel bs, there's nowhere remotely safe to stand, I was told stand by the bike & I came damn close 1ce w/Daryl but by the time the area you go to to end the mission lit up I was completely surrounded & worst of all my characters can only take 2 hits 3 if I'm lucky & that's never been the case in any other mission. Also something I'm curious about that makes no sense whatsoever is that I'll have 2 walkers in front of me closing in on me & I'll shoot them w/Daryl & the one in the back will die instantly but the one that's closest to me that I really need to die cause otherwise it's gonna reach & hit me will still be alive. That makes no sense, if anything the one that's the closest should be the one to die while the one behind it doesn't. I'd rather they both die but at least the closest one to me dying before the the one behind it makes more sense. If you shoot a bullet through 2 or more heads it's gonna start out going fast & slow down after each head it penetrates but somehow in this it does the exact opposite which is only possible if the game was set up by someone that though it would be cute do screw the players over. Anywho thanks again.
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    I'm sorry you couldn't make it but I'm ftp and I had no problems. I also have no problems with TG. If I need more, I raid. So it's not at all impossible.

    Also you shouldn't stand next to the bike but it in the general area but as far to the right as possible.

    As you might know the trials reset so you can try to do it again if you so wish. Build up good gear for hunters or assault until then and it will become much easier. Raid to get more TG, don't always buy all the tokens you can or whatever you spend your TG on but safe for the gear.

    I know it's hard but it can be done. I only ever bought a booster once and that was just because I wanted Rufus' weapon to be at least level 19. Now I will have to slowly catch up with my gear and other survivors. But I know that's possible, I've done it before. You can also do it.
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    I would raid outposts for trade goods but that never really works out for me plus anytime I do have enough trade goods for anything I use them for character tokens & phones, it's seems like a waste not to especially w/as rare as it is to get the character tokens I need to upgrade my hero's traits. I only tried standing by the bike cause I was advised to but I've tried everything though not just standing by the bike or even in that general area. I've actually came damn close a few times mostly w/Abraham but always get screwed, I get as far as having the exits light up but can never make it to either exit cause I'm always surrounded & can never clear out an area to get through her the next wave comes out & instantly surrounds me again. I appreciate the advice @Jaden & but I honestly don't think I'm ever gonna beat this one.
    There are a couple things I'd like to know though, things that only created of the game would be able to answer.
    1-Why is it sometimes I can take 4-5 hits before I'm dead & other times w/the same exact character I can only take 2 maybe 3 if I'm lucky?
    2-Why is it I can come so close w/Abraham but when I use my assault character Christopher who has strong equipment, better stats & is just flat out way more bad ass then Abraham but yet do way less damage to the walkers the w/Abraham who is a good bit weaker w/weaker equipment?
    3-Why is it when I'm using a character w/the ability to have a chance to break a walkers struggle when said character goes into struggle w/a walker it'll show my character break the walkers struggle & kill it & w/out any other walkers hitting me or anything I'll suddenly drop dead.
    4-Why do I have these particular problems w/this particular trial but none of the other trials or any other mission of any type?
    None of that makes any sense & quite frankly pisses me off to no end, I know it's not the fault of any other players that have been trying to help but it most certainly is the fault of the creators of the game & there's no way they didn't set it up that way on purpose cause it's only w/this trial I have any of those problems, any other season 7 trial mission none of those things ever happen same w/any other mission of any other type. The trial for this particular trial was clearly set up to be as close to impossible as they possibly could.
    Also to @Jaden I was just curious what is FTP? I seen it in your last post but I'm not sure what it is, thanks in advance & thanks for trying to help I do appreciate it but I don't think I'll ever beat this trial...ever lol.
  • Marcus6253Marcus6253 Member Posts: 219
    I'm not a developer but I have played long enough to guess at some of the answers:

    1) Pure Random Number Generator (RNG). When you die after a couple of hits I will bet one or more of those hits was a critical hit which is a function of the RNG. A critical will do way more damage than a regular hit and thus you can't take as many.

    2) I can' answer this one since I haven't unlocked Abraham yet and haven't played with him but I do wonder why you are not using him with the best assault gear that you have. If another character has better gear, swap it before you do the mission.

    3) This was answered in this thread I believe that NG believes you should automatically lose the mission if all of the survivors are in struggle even if one of them has wrestler trait which can break struggle. Since this is a solo mission, if you are placed in struggle you automatically lose.

    4) This trial was tailored a specific class of characters. I believe it is easiest with warrior but can be done with a hunter provided they have something to reduce threat to keep the hordes from overwhelming you on the next spawn. If the survivor you are using is not fully upgraded or has good gear then the mission is very difficult to complete.

    FTP = Free To Play (i.e., a gamer who rarely or never spends money on bundle packs, extra gold, etc.)
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    Thanks for the answers or at least answering to the best of your knowledge, some things still make no sense though like if I have a character that has the possibility to break a struggle & they do so I really don't care if there's no other characters w/me, if my character breaks the struggle then the game creators can f***off & let me have a chance to still possibly beat the mission.
    I actually did try giving my best assault equipment to my best assault character but it didn't help of course & I've tried warriors plenty of times & always do worse then when I use assault or hunter classes.
    I appreciate the help everyone has tried giving me but I won't be getting on here again cause theres no point. I'm never gonna be able to beat this trial, there's no two ways about it it's just never gonna happen & I know it'll never happen but I'd love to meet the person/people that made this trial, I'm not gonna say why because I don't wanna leave threats on here although I'm sure enough of you that read this can guess why. FUCK WHOEVER MADE THIS TRIAL!!!!!
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    I really don't know why you have so much trouble with this trial. Maybe it's your tactics or your gear, bad luck, survivors or a combination of many things, but I doubt that the mission is set up in a way that it is unbeatable.

    If you want to try it again next time around, maybe you can provide screenshots of survivors, gear, your positioning or whatever else there is.

    I had to beat the trial with a freshly leveled character that didn't have level appropriate gear (still hasn't) and made it, so there are ways to do it.

    Re Abraham: could it be his leader trait giving him an advantage?
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    Agree with @Jaden, anyone who has trouble with the trial should take a pic and post here. Those veterans will glad to help you out :wink:
  • ChrisCh84ChrisCh84 Member Posts: 30
    Well I feel like an ass lol. I wanted to apologize for all my b****int about this, I mean I was extremely mad & still believe I had ever right to be as mad as I was but I still wanted to apologize for some of what I said. The reason I'm apologizing is partly because I was finally able to beat it (not in time for the extra character tokens but at least before they started letting us replay them cause now that we can replay the season 7 episode 1 missions we have to wait to replay any of the others) but I'm also apologizing because even though I STL believe I was in my rights to be as mad as I was I still shouldn't have said some of the things I said. I really tried not to when I did it in the 1st place but just kept getting madder & madder every time I tried it & got screwed but I do apologize.
  • ChrisCh84ChrisCh84 Member Posts: 30
    > @Jaden said:
    > I really don't know why you have so much trouble with this trial. Maybe it's your tactics or your gear, bad luck, survivors or a combination of many things, but I doubt that the mission is set up in a way that it is unbeatable.
    > If you want to try it again next time around, maybe you can provide screenshots of survivors, gear, your positioning or whatever else there is.
    > I had to beat the trial with a freshly leveled character that didn't have level appropriate gear (still hasn't) and made it, so there are ways to do it.
    > Re Abraham: could it be his leader trait giving him an advantage?

    I didn't think it was set up to be unbeatable but I did have myself convenience it was set up to be as close to unbeatable as they could get it but I did finally get lucky & beat it. Also as I said before I appreciate all the advice & for you trying to help me, thank you @Jaden.
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    > @Squall said:
    > Agree with @Jaden, anyone who has trouble with the trial should take a pic and post here. Those veterans will glad to help you out :wink:

    That's something I've been kinda curious about, I can't take screen shots w/the phone I have so do you know if there was a way I could have still gotten the badges for completing all the season 7 trials?
  • Squall_NMLSquall_NML Member Posts: 737
    Mostly for android above Kit Kat can take ss direct frm the device. But it's different ways depending on the gadget. About the badges maybe @Teeceezy could answer your question :)
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    Yey, finally got 17lv 5/5 with warrior..all that was needed wide ancle weapon and luck.killed everyone from the center crossroad.had stronger weapon without wide ancle but always failed..
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    Your Assault! Hot is she :p
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    this is so hard one , i can't finsh the second one witrh rick and michonne !
    update finaly did the one with rick and michonne , no trying with my onw players

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