Worth upgrading Rare survivors to Epic?



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    JayZ said:

    @brentp17 Hahaha, for your sake, I hope that you do get Sure Shot (or at least Iron Skin), but you never know with the RNG gods. You better still post if it's DS!

    @JayZ , We were both wrong:

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    edited December 2016
    What is the reason that the survivor traits are all hidden until we upgrade them, whereas we can see the equipment traits prior to upgrading them?

    I would love to see all 5 traits of the survivor (obviously locked until you reach the appropraite level). That way if I saw a level 1 survivor who had 5 traits that were awesome, I would keep them and work to upgrade. Now I just toss them away.
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    I have promoted a few rares to epic, and it has worked out very well for me so far. I don't have any legendary survivors yet, so we'll see how that goes. But at lower levels when you need good survivors and don't have many radios, upgrading to epic is a good way to go. I'm up to level 13 survivors and my team is pretty decent with no legendary guys. If you feel lucky, give it a shot. Mine have been awesome so far, so maybe yours will be, too.
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