Equipment and Workshop Overhaul Idea

The way equipment works right now is just so bothersome. I am right now focusing on leveling survivors and upgrading the training ground while leaving the workshop underdeveloped. Essentially forgoing equipment upgrades because why bother upgrading equipment that would be scrapped later?

My idea is this: Remove equipment level altogether. Only survivor level will matter, equipment will increase stats by a percentage depending on the equipment quality level. Quality would be upgradable, so you could eventually build up any piece of equipment into a legendary one. An added bonus is that with this all weapon skins would be relevant and you'd be able to use the ones you like the most.

So what about traits? Since equipment has no level it will come with traits unlocked. It would be possible to meld equipment, doing so will let you choose which of the two is the appearance (and name) you want to keep, then you will choose the three traits you want to keep from both pieces.

As for workshop level, it will determine the equipment quality level possible to use in melds. It is also possible to have the workshop level determine the maximum number of equipment you can store.
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