HaiyanHaiyan Member Posts: 156
I'm sure I'm not the only one.


  • WalkerballzWalkerballz Member Posts: 1,896
    You are not alone lol
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  • kampionkampion Member Posts: 76
    Lucille, Crossbow and Valour GED, what a team! B)

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  • MonsutaMonsuta Member Posts: 1,168
    You forgot to mention the Bruiser event +50% damage, no wonder how Lucille is so powerful in the show. :D
  • KaiserKaiser Member Posts: 60
    Is negan unlocked at highest surr level or highest bruiser level
  • MonsutaMonsuta Member Posts: 1,168
    @Kaiser It's based on the highest level of any survivor you have. I retired all bruiser I had a few weeks ago so I can confirm about this.
  • OvidmikelOvidmikel Member Posts: 965
    I raided an outpost earlier and the guy had his began upgraded to a leg with 1 pink star already wow
  • blynknzblynknz Member Posts: 1,988
    I would like to see an outpost result with 2 of those 3 "dead"
  • masmith93masmith93 Member Posts: 3,522
    TOO SOON!!!
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  • HaiyanHaiyan Member Posts: 156
    @Ovidmikel that shouldn't be possible. NG should look into some possible hacking
  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,577
    We'll look in to it, thanks. @Ovidmikel @Haiyan
  • KafirKafir Member Posts: 101
    And I wonder is NG will EVER respond to the two issues I've escalated through Help in the game??? Sorry to piggyback here...but frustration runs deep lately...been asking for help for 2 weeks now with no response. Somebodys needs a customer sat course I think...

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