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Happy Friday everyone!

We've been getting a lot of feedback from you about the rewards for completing Episodes, participating in events and so on. Now is your chance to discuss what kinds of rewards you would like to receive for your efforts.

Let us know what you think about the following:

a) Completing an episode, and
b) low, mid and high tier reward from challenges

Please note that we can't guarantee that we'll change the game to match your suggestions exactly as proposed, but your suggestions will be an awesome way to guarantee we understand exactly what you guys are thinking. (Please note any ideas posted on this thread will be freely usable by Next Games with no obligations.)



  • Smokin_Joe_BlowSmokin_Joe_Blow Member Posts: 97
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    Probably level appropriate epic/legendary equipment and/or gold for high tier challenge rewards. Lower tiers could get lower amounts of gold. Supplies could be useful for lower tiers. Less useful for high tiers as many have already maxed out their base.
  • cionzcionz Member Posts: 218
    Yes probably epic/leggendary equipment and a hunter into The mission and Gold for challenge guild
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  • LawdogLawdog Member Posts: 836
    First I appreciate you guys asking.

    Second,I think Smoking Joe said it better than I could,it's almost insulting risking your team on a Deadly mission to be awarded "common" items.
  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
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    - lower gap between rewards on higher tier.
    - better rewards on higher tiers
    - less gas needed for higher tier or more gas as rewards.
    - guarantee exp or supplies as a part of reward + chest
    - extra rewards for best 10 guilds
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  • huskersoxfanhuskersoxfan Member Posts: 323
    Great game, thanks! As mentioned above, more gas during weekly challenge (as the gas rate needed to play rises sharply). There is a big time gap waiting for gas to refill.

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  • AmigaAmiga Member Posts: 3,770
    After hitting 200+ stars instead of wasting 10+ gas on one challenge map it's better to play 2 x Deadly Exp - more profits.
    Gas amount req to play challenge on higher tier is ridiculous.... No worth of effort.
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  • ip4weatherip4weather Member Posts: 15
    i use 30 box rewards from chellange this week and found only 2 epic weapons,all others is rarre,dont fool us,also i see you increst rarre this week not legendary/epic,i dont know who fixing this game but this is terible...bye!
  • MirzaMirza Member Posts: 133
    edited January 2016
    Rewards on doing challenge missions are weak. They should be tied to your survivor level (more epic/legendary items as well). Right now i scrap 99% of weapons/gear i get and i know many players are in the same situation (i am level 40 atm). You have to encourage us to play more challenges, not to put like 10 gas to do a single mission. You got an idea already :)

    Rewards on finishing story episode are not too bad, specially the last one on episode 12.
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  • Miss RogueMiss Rogue Member Posts: 41
    @BigOleTDs @ip4weather

    Well there's a reason we're asking for feedback.. ;) Let's keep it positive. Got any suggestions or ideas?
  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
    Let's make it simple.. proposal for category B.
    Personal challenge reward:
    Low (from 12 star - 54 star) : (level 7 to level 9 weapon/gear, or 1k upto 10k xp/supply, or 5 upto 10 radio/gold)
    Mid (up to 164 star) : (level 10 to 12 weapon/gear; or 15k upto 25k xp/supply; or 15 upto 25 radio/gold)
    High (210 star and up) : (level 13 and up weapon/gear; or 30k upto 50k xp/supply; or 30 upto 50 radio/gold)

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  • WalkerWalker Member Posts: 167
    Is balanced


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  • LawdogLawdog Member Posts: 836
    I agree with the common thread,rewards need improvement based upon difficulty.Its what keeps commited,loyal players-playing and talking,about the game.
    Good for you,good for us.
  • kryptonixkryptonix Member Posts: 253
    For challenge map rewards more emphasis needs to be put on getting fuel back, as it is the only way to stay in the game. XP and Food rewards need to scale at a higher level based upon fuel costs required to get into the map.

    Personal and Guild milestone rewards needs to be player level dependent, and items received should be no lower then 1 level below your current max training level. XP/Food/Gold/Phone rewards should scale based upon the milestone level.

  • LawdogLawdog Member Posts: 836
    Good point.
    I guess I would like realistically,if not at least a better wep/Armour...for lets say a 10 gallon star run..hmm...if not a wep or armour? A shit ton of tomatoes-or xp.
    The only reason I push is for guild loyalty-quite obvious I could spend my petro more wisely on self improvement.
  • LawdogLawdog Member Posts: 836
    Still trying to nail this forum down,dunno even how to get a pic on here..I was agreeing with Ayo.
  • AysatyoPetAysatyoPet Member Posts: 1,168
    Lawdog said:

    Still trying to nail this forum down,dunno even how to get a pic on here..I was agreeing with Ayo.

    When you want to quote, Try the "request desktop site" found in menu of your browser on the upper right corner.

  • LawdogLawdog Member Posts: 836
    I'm an old fart-thank you Aysat.
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 47
    edited January 2016
    More radio's in crates, more fuel after a mission when I'll need it and allow fuel won to be kept in reserve tank. Always be nice to have enough fuel to play when I want.
  • Weasel007Weasel007 Member Posts: 177
    Also maybe bigger xp rewards. The ways to get xp in this game are horrible. Maybe the higher stars the more xp you get, for instance you still may get a reward but you would get more do for stars accumulated but after each chest reward you get 10,000 xp then double and so on and so fourth. So by the end your getting like 100000 in xp. Which still doesn't go a long way when ur asking for 300,000 to upgrade 1 weapon once for 15 hours
  • DutchbrotherDutchbrother Member Posts: 43
    "a) Completing an episode, and
    b) low, mid and high tier reward from challenges"

    a. Completing an episode should come with a CHOICE of weapons. You should be able to pick from three different weapons: rifle? pistol? sledgehammer?

    b. Each challenge, I know I will be scrapping until about day three (I don't usually use stars to get fuel, I just wait it out on slow drip) to get anything even remotely worth keeping for my survivors. It may even help if we could "re-roll" gear while scrapping. Scrapping it JUST for XP seems to linear.

  • JenJen Member Posts: 74
    Most of us use teams of hunters and shooters, so more high level guns/armor would be great. I especially prefer gold dodge and luck with high interrupt. Perhaps the game could be tailored to the level of the player. Giving level appropriate rewards would go far to solving the current problem. I think a players level is a pretty good approximation of the level of most of thier survivors and gear.
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  • masterbatter88masterbatter88 Member Posts: 20
    I dunno if this is a reward persay give us half the XP we spent level up a character but don't do the same for the weapons? Alot of times the weapons upgrades cost close to the character level advancement. I think we should get half the XP back of a leveled weapon when we scrap it.
  • zosonzoson Member Posts: 2,216
    a) Item rewards for completing an episode should always spawn with the same traits for every player. The traits should make sense based on the weapon, and possibly spawn with otherwise impossible to get trait stacks. For example, a weapon that spawns with both silver, and gold +crit chance. This way even if a player has had bad RNG, they can *count* on these items to help them progress. It also actually makes the rewards unique.
    b) Item rewards for challenges should be on a sliding scale based upon the level difference. Such that once you start beating +2 you get good items, +3 you get really good items, and if you manage to beat +4, you only get GREAT items. After all, this is when the game actually starts to get difficult. Also, what is difficult *now* may not be difficult in a month or two. Thus, the rewards should scale based on difference, rather than just 'at a certain amount of stars they get better.'
    c) Legendary items should ALWAYS spawn with class specific traits. No other insult in this game is greater than getting an awful version of a legendary. In all honesty, with bad traits a legendary weapon can be WORSE than a rare weapon of the same level. This should flat out never happen.
  • dfg2dfg2 Member Posts: 32
    A few thoughts..

    The current system:

    - The best items come from the deadly explore mission. Its reward vs. (gas) cost ratio is very nice, considering it is not really a deadly mission (none ever dies), and one mission takes less than a minute to complete.
    - Challenge missions do offer occassional better stuff but getting to higher levels and doing them (in terms of gas vs. the deadly explore) is not really worth it.
    - Story missions offer the worst, non-distinguishable loot (no bonuses, worse items than from a deadly explore).

    I might consider these changes:

    -> Make the deadly mission more random, have it include higher level tough and armored walkers occassionally... to keep everyone on their toes. This is better than to touch the loot (should not do that, there must exist a way to get nice items :smile: ).
    -> You could up the challenge rewards to be on par with the player's current deadly explore. However, I know I would do something different but not right away what exactly (because to up the rewards is a lazy approach and just creates another farming spot the explore missions being the other).
    -> Up story mission rewards a lot. They are definitely the best content in the game at the moment, so incentivizing players to do them (instead of verrry repetitional other stuff) is the way to go. Besides, there is a hard limit to farming them.
  • PoppyPoppy Member Posts: 1,146
    edited January 2016
    Thanks for making a thread on this here are my thoughts.

    1:- The Equpiment rewards need a complete rethink, a gold ticket should be Epic/Legendary Equpiment (not rare as it is now) or a sizeable amount of another resource.

    2:- The 9 openable crates should have at least one crate of each type in them (Equipment, Food,XP, Gold, Fuel, Radios) however if you are maxed out on a resource there shouldnt be any of it in the 9 crates and it replaced with another resource.

    3:- A Deadly Mission should at least gurantee one gold ticket based on suggestion 1 & 4 as I've done deadly missions were I've been awarded no tickets of any description,

    4:- The lvl of Equpiment should be set at a range of +1 to -1 the recommended level of the mission. So for example a recommended lvl 15 mission could award lvl 16,15,14 equipment. Maybe for the levels where your way over the recommend lvl have one box that awards you something appropriate to your lvl and the rest have the usual in just to give you something to fish for.

    5:- Upgraded Equpiment scrap reward value needs increasing, it's not right you spend say 500k upgrading a weapon 3 times to only receive less than 10k back. I would suggest 25-30% investment return.

    5:- Maybe have the type of Equpiment awarded be for one of the classes used in the mission.

    and whilst your listening

    1:- If/When you introduce pvp please have two separate combat systems one for PVP and one for PVE as trying to balance one system for all is nigh on impossible. Yes it more work for you initially but belive me it will pay off in the long term.

    2:- Please also for PVP which we are led to belive are outpost, please have them use secondary fuel source as there's not enough to play the content in the game all ready at the current levels of regeneration.

    3:- 15 radio pulls need lowering to 10.

    4:- Speed up the fuel regeneration.
  • PapaSmurfPapaSmurf Member Posts: 92
    Thanks for asking!

    1) I'd like to see the XP awarded as you progress to the higher levels be less linear and more exponential. It takes a lot of XP to level up weapons and survivors!

    2) If I receive supplies, gas or XP and that item is full, I'd rather get something else.

    3) Retain more XP when scrapping upgraded equipment.

    4) Make reward more proportional to the level of the mission or challenge; allow selection of equipment versus supplies.
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