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    Thank you for such an awesome game & Thank you for asking our opinions - I really appreciate the effort.

    Many, many, great ideas have already been submitted.

    .....I like the idea of having a choice of reward XP, Tmts, Weapon/Gear, Gas, Radios
    .....All GOLD tickets should be Epic/Legendary or large amount of XP/Tmts/Gas/Radios
    .....All SILVER Tickets should have Rare gear or medium amount of XP/Tmts/Gas/Radios
    .....anything else could be pot luck.

    Also the levels of the gear needs to be appropriate & perhaps linked to the reccomended survival level needed to complete the mission & or the level you are currently at & or the max level allowed in the game at that point.

    Guild & Mission rewards need to be much more attractive.
    I currently scrap 99% of all gear won.
    The time, effort & amount of gas it takes can be astronomical & many guild members stop at a certain point as its much more rewarding & cost effective to just do exploring missions.

    I love the guild aspect of the game & my teammates & I try so very hard to better ourselves each week. This leaves very little time to farm etc.
    More & or Better incentives would be greatly appreciated.

    Again as above, Having a Choice of Guild rewards would be fantastic.

    Thank you very much for listening - Its much appreciated.
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    So, my guess is that we are getting 3 and 4* weapons and low XP in the boxes at the end of missions because in the beginning, they are so easy for high level players. THIS IS FAIR. i think there are a few problems for NG- making everyone happy ISN'T going to happen. Unfortunately, your game is at a point where, like myself, extremely high level players are frustrated with rewards. (No sh*t.. Lol I have a point..)
    You MUST keep giving the "cheap" rewards at lower levels. The levels are TOO easy to pass to get "over" rewarded. HOWEVER, there should ALWAYS be some sort of ticket in the crates. (Maybe it's just me, but I can't figure out why there are so many golds/regular or none at the end of a challenge.) In guild challenges, as the levels increase, the rewards MUST INCREASE once the challenge star has been met. I have a team of players and weapons that are nearly impossible to upgrade because they are sitting anywhere between 13-16 levels. I used to buy gold- but frankly, NG has made XP so high to upgrade everything, that it is POINTLESS. It was ALMOST worth it when the weapons upgraded for 5 seconds that one weekend. (I'd be interested to know if your sales went up that week) For those of us who are mildly impressed with their guild ranking, but not willing to "invest thousands" but don't mind dropping a couple a bucks here and there IF IT WOULD BE WORTH OUR WHILE, things need to change. The top 30% of our guild are grinding out 225* in redundant missions and getting bored as hell because we know the chances of being able to upgrade is dismal. I basically strip every weapon I can scavenge and am lucky to upgrade ONE thing each round. If I wait 3 rounds, I can MAYBE upgrade a guy. (And it takes FOREVER)
    SOOOOO, after say level 30 (??) is reached- maybe when the walkers overrun the camp, instead of 230 or 270 XP- kick it up to 1200-1700. Maybe a bonus 5000 every now and again? (Yes, I know this happens once in a while. It needs to happen more)
    Don't get me started on supplies... I'm already hoarding for council upgrading- but I'm a level 39 and still haven't maxed my camp.
    You guys want to be able to trade in or choose between supplies or XP??? I've seen your pictures you post. All your crates are open. It cost 25 gold bars to do that each time. I'm guessing that's how all your all your buildings are at max and you have an over abundance of supplies. THAT'S GREAT! I don't begrudge anyone who has the money to do that. I personally look at this game as a marathon and not a sprint. I used to buy gold, it just doesn't make sense to when it costs so much now to upgrade. This is why the game is becoming unfair to players like me.

    I am writing to the administors... I am new on this forum. I have been reading for about 3 days before I decided to post... What I think I have found is that the gamers who are posting suggestions are the one who are your "bread and butter". You have to make them happy. You also have to figure out a way to make the high level players who play 2-3 hours a day but can't get ahead in the game because our hands are tied because of XP and supply problems. Not to mention that with only 19 gallons (litres?) of gas, we can only play 2 missions at the end stages of a guild mission before having to wait... Unless we pay.. Or we're lucky enough to get TWO gallons (litres?;) at the cinema. WHILE I'm on that topic... I have watched those 30 second videos probably 30-40 times and gotten NOTTTHINNNGG. No, it's not my internet connection. (And 30-40 since October is definitely an underestimate.)
    I know I didn't really give you much of a suggestion in terms of where the to go in "upgrading" the game, but I hope with other people's opinions and my 2 cents (maybe 1 cent) something can be figured out. Sometimes pointing out problems from a different perspective can be helpful. I really appreciate you guys willing to hear everyone out and I hope I didn't offend anyone.
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    I didn't have the attention span to read all the replies, but I'd like to see rewards tied the type of team you used. If I'm getting stuff for bruisers and I never use them, it kinda sucks. Or maybe we can set a loot preference somehow to have our team look for specific things. That seems more realistic to me anyway. If I send three people out in a zompocalypse and tell them to bring back a gun and they bring me a pipe, I'm probably gonna let the walkers eat them for being a waste of space.
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    Walkers outside the Camp should give gasoline, too. Even if it's Only 1 gasoline per 20 walkers. Pleaseee don't tell me thats unrealistic, because normally no one is carrying gasoline with him. Doubt any of you would have tomatoes or walkies in your pockets if you would become a zombie. Haha
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    I have always been of the same mind. Zombies carry gold, walkies, supplies and exp. Why wouldn't they carry gas too? I don't think it should be a common event, but if they carry gold, why not gas too?
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    guys please make it so i can play the game on my desk top while logged into facebook? many people would agree.
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    if you have 2 screen, you run the game in ami duos, and you do face book in your other screen. ami duos is android for pc.
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    Episode rewards match survivor requirement + 1 to -1.

    Challenge rewards--more gas boxes, more legendary weapons opportunity.

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    I concur with everyone else. The problem I am having right now is that I have been stuck on Level 10, Mission 4 for two weeks!! It's taken me that long to upgrade, weapons, council, and one set of tents, and I'm saving up for training ground now.

    What I would like to see is larger reward for scavenging missions - 3400 cans for a mission is puney when you need 520k!! The scavenging missions should reflect the council level you are own. So for Episode 10- you are going to have 9-10-11-12 level survivors and council. I noticed the difficulty of the scouting missions went up when my survivors did - but not the reward.

    I love this game but after two weeks stuck on the same mission - I am getting frustrated. I've exhausted all playable missions in the hard and nightmare modes as well. I'm stuck doing scouting missions and weekly quests over and over and over. It starting to become not fun anymore.

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    I have (almost) definitely positively got gas from the walkers outside the camp.
    Until reading this thread I wouldn't have said almost, but its got me thinking now...... :/
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    I to have definitely maybe gotten gas.

    Could have been the tacos
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    I am selling tomatos
    Good price!
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    I want a drunk button-like a gold Mulligan,an "Oh fuck why did I just push upgrade".

    A time machine,is that to much to ask..geez man.
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    i have level 14 survivors and i just finish the deadly missions of the challenge : level 16 recommanded (9 gas !)
    and the reward was :
    no gold ticket
    no silver ticket
    only classic ticket...
    i just get food and xp (average 3000 per box)

    i think its just a joke...

    you really need to fix it !!!!
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    Can you tell me why on earth (on a 15 deadly mission) a 14 rare Vest can be a gold ticket and a 13 rare Vest a Silver Ticket? The 14 rare is one level under the recommended Survivor and should "then" be at most a Silver Ticket! !! At Most! !!!!! If you then need 50 gold to open a golden box and see something like this... you paid litarelly 50 Cent for Sh*t. Yeezus.. again, a half beer wasted... no offense, but I rather get less gold ticket and know its really one. But i guess people wouldnt then spend that much Money. . Huh?
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    Even the traits of the rare vest are bs...scrapped within a second.

    And even though I like the color I'm fed up with seeing green gear and green survivors all over :s
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    About getting feedback from our feedback ?
  • LawdogLawdog Member Posts: 836
    lol good 1 Lance
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    I agree with walkers needing to drop gas outside the camp & pretty much everything everyone has posted here. The gold ticket count for guild *s need to increase both personal and team wide.also increase the rewards per the gas it cost to do the event. You do a weekly challenge event that cost 9 or 10 gas and end up trash in your reward boxes. Gold tickets should also be legit. Not scrap rare items 2 levels under your play level. Deadly missions should be worth your risk. Put some real rewards in the game please! And yes to the scrapping supplies. I have opened so many gold and silver boxes with f'ing ketchup recently and I have been maxed out for at least a week. Please fix
  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,578
    Thanks for all the comments and feedback! We really do appreciate them. Like what TK said in his opening post, we can't guarantee that we'll change the game to exactly match your suggestions, but these do add a great deal to understanding your thoughts. :)
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    I am really getting tired of not getting anything good in the chests on any of my runs, I hate to complain but it has gotten crazy that i haven't seen any epic gear now that i am at a higher level. All my players are level 15 moving onto 16 and i can't equip anyone properly, I actually play this game like it is my full time job and have since the week it came out.Things use to be fun wondering what i'd get in my boxes and now i just know it will be crap or for a scout or brusier which I personally have never used. I am currently unemployed and don't have cash to pay into the game to just buy my way thru like many people, But I do play almost non stop and if you have a way to check into what players play the most I can almost promise i'd be up close if not in the top ten.I am really losing my motivation to play at this point because it feels like iI am getting nowhere and just playing for routine and something to do with my adhd hands. Please give us better odds at gettng good gear at higher levels too.We do need to move up sometime, and I am pretty sure i am not the only one who feels like the game is getting redundant with no reward.
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    I've just checked back over my records and since the introduction of the outpost trade store I've not got an epic or legendary price of gear from a regular mission.

    Anyone else have the same findings?
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    I am level 35. My survivors are all level 12 working on 13.

    At this point, I like the TG rewards for challenges. I like having the choice of spending TG on the type of reward I get. I think the tiers should be scaled to match the star count. Tier 1 - 250 personal/500 guild; Tier 2 - 500 personal / 1000 guild, Tier 3 - 1000 personal / 1500 guild, and increase by 500 for personal and guild for each additional tier.

    For rewards in missions, I would prefer to see gold tickets give Epic or Legendary equipment starting at current survivor level or a full gas refill. At silver, Rare or Epic equipment at current survivor level and radios or gold. Brown chests are completely random but have a higher chance of yielding XP or supplies. Of course, if I am doing an exploration mission, I am trying for something specific. Supply explorations should have high ammounts of supplies in gold and silver with gas, gold, and radios mixed in the browns.

    With outposts open, I think a few TG should come from walkers at the wall.
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    Poppy said:

    Thought of something else the XP/food reward for the challanges missions needs upping as the current rewards are peanuts.

    I concur. I like getting XP/food but it doesn't seem like much.

    Additionally, the equipment rewards seem like peanuts. I just completed a deadly challenge mission. I even selected the gold ticket. It was a Level 2 rifle. I haven't needed or used a Level 2 rifle in weeks. It would be nice to get a reward that didn't go straight to the scrap heap.

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    I`d like to get stuff, that fits to the level of my warriors. Higher stuff is okay, but I really don´t need level 1-8 equipment when my survivors are on level 11...
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