Needed, strategy tips to defeat the last two episodes of season 7

It seems no matter what I try, I can't complete these challenges. Help!
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    here you go.. i used a hunter and assault. used them both to take out the first dozen or so so i can have full charge. then used the assault to fix the first tire used the hunter to take out the few walkers that come out. after fixing the first tires then more bruisers come out. use charges to take them out then i let assault fix the next set and hunter take out the few hunters that come. then again use both hunter and assault to take out any briusers that come out. let assault work on the last one and u can move into green...make sure hunter doesnt move to far away from the bike...
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    Hi :) well, we had a long discussion in our guild about ep. With Michonne. I did 4 trials with Jesus and the last one with level 13 Rufus and NO WIDE spread, used epic gear. So, it's obviously possible with lower Level too (I always stayed to the far right, near the bike. And off course I did it not from the first time). Just max out Your best gear and don't panic when the green light comes - at the end Z's stop spawning. And the last one: I did first trials with Daryl and Jesus and the last two with Tara and Jesus. As everyone is writing, it is crucial to kill all of them before repairing next part. And remember that sometimes it is better to run away and just shoot little by little - the map lets You do that. Good luck!
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