Holiday Competition!



  • Wow you guys are all coming up with some great ones. I am putting my thinking elf hat on.
  • FenixoFenixo Member Posts: 141
    Season 6 finale through the eyes of a fantasy writer:
    And here we can see how a pirate saw what happened to those two big buildings on September 11th.
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  • HaseHase Member Posts: 11
    Well, holidays joke? I'm a joke, always.
  • AigniAigni Member Posts: 58
    It's christmas time but the zombies still wander around.
    "What can we do?", Carl asks the crowd.
    "Let us decorate them with flashy lights!", Michonne tells thoughtful.
    Said, done. And everyone liked it wonderful.
  • FacooFacoo Member Posts: 108
    Q:Where is Holiday for coach for ladies only?
    A:At No man's Land。

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