What happened to Abraham?

Did he spend too many hours on a tanning bed or did he went on a vacation in the caribbean?
He looks very tanned to me. :D



  • Squall_NMLSquall_NML Member Posts: 737
    Poor Abe, i'm sure his trait now is suresh!t :smiley:
  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Member Posts: 2,831
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    Thanks @MadPuppy , that put my Abe back to bis Natural Skin Color.
  • WalkerballzWalkerballz Member Posts: 1,896
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    You mean ta say he didn't run off with the blue man group guild??
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  • gespuergespuer Member Posts: 1,565
    First I thought it was dried blood on his face.... (because of season 7 episode 1 - no more info to avoid spoiler). ;)
  • meathead013meathead013 Member Posts: 189
    Maybe he's got Jungle Fever
  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,629
    He joined a German punk rock band! :sunglasses:
  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 21
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    Holy crap! All my characters have been messed up for months! Clearing cache finally fixed it!
  • gespuergespuer Member Posts: 1,565
    My Abe is tanned again for days. Neither closing the app nor clearing the cache is bringing back his natural colour.
    @teeceezy is it correct that a failure like this averts his leader trait? Any hints how to solve this issue?
  • kiwinz7kiwinz7 Member Posts: 916
    It's Abe doppelganger & he is disguising himself from Negan :-)
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  • gespuergespuer Member Posts: 1,565
    Finally my Abraham is looking healthy again. Restarting the app and clearing the cache didn't help. So I decided to uninstall and reinstall the game.
    Thankfully I safed the game via iOS gameCenter, which worked perfect.
    After restarting the game the app was asking to restore the score from gamecenter.
    I was absolute reliefed to see all my beloved survivor with their known lvl and equipment.

    stay safe out there
  • dandancar77dandancar77 Member Posts: 336
    He told Negan to suck his nuts. That's what. lol
  • TeeceezyTeeceezy Staff Posts: 3,580
    Question answered, problem solved and case (thread) closed. :)
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