Hero swap

It would be awesome if we could trade heros/survivors within our guild. But it would be an eye for an eye. So if i have a level 19 hero with 4 stars, i could only swap with in my guild for another level 19 hero with 4 stars. Maybe i have a maggie L19, 4 stars... i could swaper her for aberham also L 19 and 4 stars from one of my members, if they agreed. I could tap on team member "jayson" , "propose swap", and he could see my hero im putting up and vise versa, than we both agree, and our inventories exchenge those heros. Or a survivor to survivor, but not hero to survivor...this way every still has to grow, but we can get the heros/survivors we need or want to play...


  • blynknzblynknz Member Posts: 1,988
    But what happens if you already have a rare Abraham. I don't think you could be given those as tokens to then apply to him. That would be prone to abuse to get players in your guild stronger heroes.

  • ZombieTalionZombieTalion Member Posts: 60
    Well, you cant have double heros, the token u accumulate are your tokens. Token dont swap, and put a limit on swaps. For example, once maggie and aberham swapped between me and jason, we can no longer swap between us a maggie for aberham. And then we all can get a little stronger, whats wrong with your team mates working with each other to become stronger. That what a guilds all about anyway right? Team work? And if you guild sucks, and wont work together, than your in the wrong guild!
  • Nomad4195Nomad4195 Member Posts: 27
    If your swapping exact toons, same level, same stars, etc,,,,,then all your swapping is traits. I can't say I see the point nor how it makes anyone stronger. I'm not against the idea tho. Would give those hyperactive player something to do. Become a toon farm.
  • ZeroSixZeroSix Member Posts: 33
    This has a great deal of a chance at backfire and abuse! What stops me from creating a new guild, making 20 alter accounts and use them to feed perfect survivor's and gear to my primary account! Hyperactive player's are going to have a field day if this goes through. I have seen this type of abuse in other game's in different variations, not a good idea!!!!
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