Constant reconnecting problems are even worse during gas/xp "gift".

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This happened last "gift" as well and it took 20 days for a non-explanation answer. If it were my connection then why can i still watch ads in game without a problem? How come i dont have this problem on ANY other game? Device: samsung galaxy j3 6. Glitch timeline: Since the past 2 updates ive had this problem but its almost a constant during the "gifts". Glitch: constant reconnecting that sometimes can take up to 5 mins of trying to reconnect before working or needing the app to be restarted , the disconnect can happen at anytime during gameplay (in camp or in mission) but it usually come when starting a mission , when ending a mission or when overwatching with more then one player. When it happens while overwatching the game will load back up with a different number of walkers and in different places then they were. When its really bad I end up spending more time reconnecting then i do in game and it makes it nearly unplayable. Here are some screenshots , the walkers are blocking the entrance text only comes when it reconnects from the overwatch glitch. I understand that other players have already brought this up but im not satisfied with answers given. @Teeceezy @TK-421 can anyone please give me an actual answer that doesnt just pass the buck off to my connection? I would appreciate it.


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