Memory Lane - Terminus Level 30 kill by Terminates

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I was told this could be helpful to the community. I want people to enjoy the game, and this particular map got very exciting since Terminus made it challenging. I hope you guys get your extra radios from Guild rewards and find this helpful ;)

I made the video as soon as it hit RSL 30. As I repeated it longer, the time spent got shorter and quicker. Once you get the pattern down, you should do it more efficiently than the video. For example, use the burning charge from The Reckonin' when the fatty and armored are close together. You can kill 2 birds with 1 stone ;)

This was made a couple of days ago. If you subscribe, you can get these tips right away after upload!!

Read the description on the youtube channel to get the 3 must-do tips on how to 3 star Terminus.

Thank you for the wonderful comments I received so far. You guys make this game enjoyable :)

Merry Christmas to all and Have a wonderful New Year! <3

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