Which survivor class do you use the most and the least?

meathead013meathead013 Member Posts: 189
I am currently at level 26.8, I haven't unlocked the assault class yet but I do have Rufus. I'm just about to complete chapter 9 which I think will unlock the assault for me.

I'm not sure but I think the default classes are Bruiser, Scout, and Rifleman or whatever it's called. I've unlocked the shooter, the type that uses pistols, and I use that a lot. I've also unlock the warrior, but I don't use it that much because I don't like that little cone that you can get multiple hits with, it's too hard to aim. Plus I don't have that many great equipment options for it yet so I've been waiting on using that one until I do.

I'm trying to plan ahead and prioritize what types of survivors I need.

I use mostly ranged attacks, usually two rifles and one pistol, because it seems by far to me the easiest. I also have one four and one 5-star Bruiser that I mix in when it seems appropriate for that mission. Compared to Warriors they seem a lot easier to use because it's a lot easier to aim their group attack Circle than the cone, and I like the stun effect a lot. I use two bruisers and one Scout on outpost missions to try to stun The Defenders and then kill them quickly. I also have two four-star Scouts that I can use when I need instant kills or to cover a lot of ground, but I don't use them nearly as much as bruisers.

So I'm asking for more advanced players to give me an idea about what I will need as the game progresses. If everything stays like it is now, I would just keep trying to find the best Riflemen that I could, because I use them the most. And then after that another good pistol user, and a five star Scout. But I'm concerned that I might be missing something out of ignorance, hence my question.


  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,689
    I use Assaults and Shooters with about every mission. I use Bruisers the least. I have a Bruiser in my Outpost playing cards with my other Assault and Shooter. I will use Maggie (Hunter) quite a bit when I'm off the farm XP and a good Scout for Outpost raiding.

    I guess it depends on the traits, weapon, and armor. I can mix it up. But, Assaults and Shooters are my faves with Bruisers at the bottom.
  • bigbeanobigbeano Member Posts: 602
    I always use at least 1 hunter,and another ranged survivor,depending on the enemies,shooter 4 tanks,assault 4 herds if the walkers level aren't 2 high.I mostly use melee in outpost.
  • quitJOSHinquitJOSHin Member Posts: 134
    I use bruisers the least, as in never except to defend my outpost. But I only use scouts for raiding to hit the crate. Warriors are actually really good if you get a weapon with gold arc. That's pretty much a must have trait for warrior weapons for me. But even then my use of warriors is only occasional cuz my main group generally consists of a shooter a hunter and an assault.
  • DodkongDodkong Member Posts: 1,048
    I use Maggie/Assault/Assault for Challenge missions until my Assaults need more than one shot to kill normal walkers. Then I'll swap one out for a Shooter. Then swap Maggie out for my best Hunter.

    I use Assault/Shooter/Scout for Outpost raids. Assault mops up the normal's and softens up the armored/tanks. Shooter takes down tanks and survivor defenders with a charged double tap in one round. Scout finishes off armored's easily and zips to the TG box to claim the rewards.

    I use Hunter/Warrior/Scout on Scavenge missions. Scout 95% of the time is there to open things while Hunter and Warrior bulldoze a path. I tried an Assault in place of the Warrior, but constant gunfire draws way to many extra walkers on the wave. And my plan is to fly through Scavenge missions as fast as possible, so I can open as many chests as I can.

    I used to use Bruisers on the old style Outpost raids, when you had to kill all the defenders. I valued the Bruiser's repeatable stun more than a one time range stun of an Assault. But with the new smash and grab style, an Assault is a better option in my eyes. Though there are some challenge missions that I will run Bruisers, ones with many armored walkers. They can also be useful in some Story missions as well.
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  • SynapseRangerSynapseRanger Member Posts: 233
    I use scouts (usually Glenn) the most and warriors the least. I don't like warriors at all. They have crappy movement speed and barely good enough damage.
    Good luck, dumbass
  • PigPig Member Posts: 1,870

    I use scouts (usually Glenn) the most and warriors the least. I don't like warriors at all. They have crappy movement speed and barely good enough damage.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees little use for warriors. There are just a few challenge maps where I take one or two to help my ranged survivor(s) thin out armored walkers, e.g. swat, fish in a barrel, etc. Otherwise I don't use them.

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  • Sappy187Sappy187 Member Posts: 118
    For challenges I always use two hunters and one assault. I rarely use scouts and warriors.
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  • meathead013meathead013 Member Posts: 189
    Great info guys, thanks. Just what I was looking for
  • LucillesBoyfriendLucillesBoyfriend Member Posts: 35
    Scavanging/Challenges -> Assault the most, Scout the least.

    Outposts -> Bruiser the most, Warrior the least. I like stunning defenders, Sometimes I go with 2 bruisers/1 Assault and just stun away,
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  • la_ll64la_ll64 Member Posts: 61
    Hunter, Warrior & Scout is The Best team i think.
    I never use assault
  • MadPuppyMadPuppy Member Posts: 2,831
    For the past could of months my no1 team has been:

    Hunter + shooter + assault.

    For raids I swap the shooter for a scout.
  • PigPig Member Posts: 1,870
    I could almost say the class I use most is any ranged, and least is any melee. My use of melee is for very specific functions.

    Scout I pretty much use only for raiding, when I'm planning to grab tg without a fight.

    Bruiser I use for outpost defence, rarely on a raiding team, and occasionally in certain challenges against freemen/saviors.

    Warrior I use only on a few challenge missions (e.g., swat, fish in a barrel, etc.) which have a lot of armored.

    Hunter I probably use most of all. Great support for the scout on a tg grab, excellent for most challenges and scavenging. They're also my favorite ranged outpost defender.

    Shooter is a good class for nearly any kind of mission. Having one to deliver that extra punch and charge attack is great. One might support my scout on a tg grab, and there's ALWAYS one on a kill team if I'm raiding for influence. Having one along on a challenge mission or scavenge never hurts, and they're very useful against tanks and freemen/saviors.

    Assault is a very useful class. They perform well on scavenge missions and challenges, until RSL goes too far over their level. They make good support on a tg grab, but they're critical for me on a kill run. Two assault and a shooter is my best influence raiding team. They're actually quite useful against saviors/freemen and armored, provided they can charge up on normal walkers before encountering the tougher opponents.

    All in all I probably use hunter the most often and warrior the least.
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  • DIblisDIblis Member Posts: 729
    Challenge - all assault then bring in shooters,bruiser,hunters,warriors as needed for individual missions as things ramp up.
    Scavenge - (normal @ rsl 20) 2x warrior and assault. (Hard @ rsl 23) still working on it as rsl has just gone up.
    Outpost raid - scout, assault, shooter (if path to tg's is blocked scout opens door otherwise shooter opens door).
    Outpost defense - shooter, hunter, bruiser (with staff).

    If in doubt assault and shooters.

    i use assault the most, with full arc of fire they clear the field nicely and stay safely out of reach.

    Bruiser without wide area weapon isnt of much use to me.
    Scout should have swift stike weapon.
    All melee survivors should have retaliate.
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  • NCDawgFanNCDawgFan Member Posts: 2,071
    I use three assualts with Abraham in the leader slot for most all challenge missions up to RSL23 unless we have armored or fatties included where I will substitute a shooter or hunter with Abraham. I have one bruiser guarding my gate in my Outhouse but never ever use a bruiser on a mission. I use scouts a lot on the "run to the exit" missions due to their extra grids of mobility. Warriors are useful in missions where you have a lot of armored walkers that ranged survivors cannot damage as effectively. Good luck.
  • CelerysteveCelerysteve Member Posts: 56
    Hunter and Assault are the best two classes overall.

    Bruisers and shooters can save your butt vs human targets but vs zombies they're not the best. A lot of people don't understand that is where a bruiser can really be useful and will say they are the worst class. Shooters can also be good versus a small amount of tough zombies.

    Scouts are versatile and can end up being the best choice on certain levels. Don't neglect maintaining a team of at least three good scouts. Using one scout with two firearm classes can also work well in certain situations.

    Warriors are cool, but really the least useful. They seem to just need a little more health and attack power.

    It's best to keep at least three of each class though; you have more potential to get daily goals that award bonus stars.
  • meathead013meathead013 Member Posts: 189
    Great info again guys.

    But I have one question: you have a guard at your outhouse? That must be some valuable poop.
  • bigbeanobigbeano Member Posts: 602
    Probably assault now.Rosita as leader with the reckonin,Daryl,shooter.I use a scout on outpost raids only.Bruiser and warrior only useful with crowds of armor!
  • PiggyPiratesPiggyPirates Member Posts: 1
    I grind scavenges with an EPIC Daryl or Rare Maggie / Legendary Assault / Legendary Hunter all with high caliber and wide spread when farming EXP or Equipment and sub in my EPIC Glenn when farming supplies. When attacking outpost I use different setups vs different defenses.
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