$50 for what?

Trying to unlock Michone. 4 star to unlock = 500 tokens to unlock. Spent $50 US and did only 10 radio pull, and got a little over $100 tokens. Really? IT SHOULD NEVER COST HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS TO DO ANYTHING IN A GAME LIKE THIS!! Thats how much it would cost to unlock a single character in this game. She isn't even a pancea. Just another cog in the wheel. Why? What does NG get from that? NG will get max money I'm willing to spend and i still wont even be close to doing one simple relatively small thing. Just to simply be able to use 1 of 20 characters in this game? NG GET SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER AT GETTING MONEY FROM GAMERS THAT HAVE BEEN LOYAL AND PLAYING. I've got no incentive to keep playing. Lvl up gear? It takes forever to get enough xp to level anything up. It takes the same amt of time to lvl up a building. Again for what? I'm at a deadend. MOVE FASTER. GIVE US SOMEWHERE TO GO. SOMETHING TO DO. MAKE IT EASIER AT HIGHER LEVELS TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT SOMETHING.. like finally getting a hero that was ridiculous to unlock. Anything. Faster.


  • warwar Member Posts: 454
    Let it out.
  • R2runfastR2runfast Member Posts: 332
    I remember when getting epic and legendary gear in crates was a thing. I have the gas to go on scavenge missions but honestly... whats the point?
  • blynknzblynknz Member Posts: 1,988
    yeah, the prices in this game seem to be really out of whack.
  • jonathanking50jonathanking50 Member Posts: 9
    Another complaint...why the hell does it cost 6600 gold to upgrade armor from lvl 20 to 21 for Rick? That's frickin ridiculous!!! I've been playing this game since day 1 and have spent a decent amount of money. Some aspects of this game are way out of balance!
  • HelioHelio Member Posts: 522
    It's patience vs money...
    If you have patience, you will eventually unlock all the heroes... if you have money, you can unlock them a lot faster...

    And games like twd do require lots of money due to the randomness... if you want a max account in Clash Royale, you need about 15k...

  • warwar Member Posts: 454

    Are you the CEO of some major corporation. 6k USD?!!
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