Outpost Randoms

carlos1981carlos1981 Member Posts: 346
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So i was doing a raid last night.

Walkers cleared, flag captured and took the goods. I'm new to Raiding, and forgot i could just hit complete at this stage!

Next, 1 Survivor is in a struggle. I have a shooter that's 2\3 moves away, yet he can't see the target.

I move my scout to see, and half way there, he gets caught by a walker, but retaliate kills it. This walker would be 1 move away from my shooter - Yet he can't see the walker either.

During this time, the Capture flag has gone - so i only have the goods.. Seeing as we need the flag to get to the goods, how can this happen!?

Mission was completed, and i walked out with the goods, but still. How can this happen?
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