Lost flags..

carlos1981carlos1981 Member Posts: 346
So, another outpost query...

I did a strange outpost today.

1 - When the flag was 1 move away from any survivor, i was routed round the whole map? how is this possible? It was proably 2/3 squaresaway from the start, clear, but i could not go there, no walkers in the way BTW.. Only had 4.

2 - Am i right in that I understand you MUST get the flag to open the gate? Not grabbing the flag, will not allow the gate to be opened?

3 - I grabbed the flag, setup, opened the gate, and sent my scout to grab TG. Scout did this in 1 move.

Afer scout grabbed the goods, i was offered a Draw, and the flag icon had gone, even thuogh i had captured it!


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