GODS OF ROME recruitment

Hi everyone! I hope you're having a good time.
I'm here for a specific reason! I'm recruiting active players lvl 25 min in the game GODS OF ROME! We still have 15 empty places. Even if it's a mix of italian and English people, we are really bonded to each others and we consider ourself as a big family! We do not want to make you feel under pressure. We just want to make sure that every gamer is worth it for the place he takes! Our alliance name is ANGELS OF DEATH 141 aka AOD 141. If you cant find us, just write ANGELS and then scroll down. The purpose? Well we're really competitive so we need to beat few specific guilds that really abuse of inexperienced players! For any question contact me here or on private chatbox! Enjoy!!!!!


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    You'll get better results by placing this in the guild recruitment forum.

    Edited: Sorry. I see it's for a different game. Carry on. Good luck.
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