Trade within Guild

This has probably already been suggested - it would be awesome if you could swap resources, weapons, and survivors within your guild.



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    Too much abuse, the guild member with best survivor and best gear will "trade" to the next member after doing guild challenges and so forth and so forth so you now have 20 members with same top notch survivors and best gear.
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    not just weapon.. even supplies can be abused.. just make an alternate account.. just let it earn XP and tomatoes.. then let it join your guild just to get its supplies and kick it out when drained.. then repeat this every week or every other day and you can get more supplies this way. you earn double supplies everytime for your main account.. and imagine if you got many alt accounts that the only job is to earn supplies for your main account..
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    I also disagree with guild trading.

    In my opinion, one of the best ways to achieve the feel of a guild economy, is to create a special currency earner only through the individual's and guild's performance during guild competitions. Then have a special marketplace set up wher only said currency is spent. It increases the benefit of being in a productive guild, but nobody is left out of receiving the currency and nobody is hurt by the system.

    @WastelandDan, I like that idea. Maybe stars turn into currency to be spent on special gear or full gas, or full food, or full exp at a guild trading post. That way everyone wins.
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