Allow Gear to be Protected from Scrapping

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This is a relatively small quality of life suggestion. I would love it if gear had a flag/checkbox that would protect an item from being scrapped. A lot of times I'll wait until my inventory is mostly full, then buy an XP booster and scrap everything I don't want. Having this flag set for an item would mean that it couldn't be autoscrapped or manually scrapped. While most people probably scrap all items that aren't max level and/or legendary, there are certainly some items that don't fit that criteria that you want to protect. It might be low level items that are prone to autoscrapping or even that green Reconin' you bought that you want to make sure you don't mistake for another ordinary green item when scrapping 250+ items.

Of course there would have to be code to prevent someone from 'protecting' every piece of gear in order to circumvent autoscrapping. One suggestion would be to limit the number of items that can be protected (50 would seem more than reasonable).

I have other ideas for how to filter gear to make mass scrapping easier, but let's start of slow with this suggestion to see if there's any appetite for it before getting into the filtering suggestions (based on gear level, rarity and possibly other criteria).
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  • blynknzblynknz Member Posts: 1,988
    Love the idea.
    The limit could be 280. Isn't that what they scrap excess items to.
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    I wasn't sure about the idea, but the mustache convinced me.

    Best idea of 2016 - if we forget about @Shteevie 's Top25 of ideas.

    Can't wait to find out what 2017 will bring to us...

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