Add carls character and a online outpost option for people online

I know the game always gets new and improved... How cool would it be to add a online outpost where you can interact with the other players and battle them for online only.... Might be kinda fun to be able to battle people online, at the same time. Of course it will take some time to do considering everybody will have to be put in a some what category bassed on their survivors and outpost strength... Sounds pretty fun but this is just a out of the box idea..... ALL I WOULD LIKE TO SEE IN THE FUTURE OF THE GAME IS THAT CARL BEING ADDED TO THE HERO'S LIST... HE IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS AND IT WOULD MAKE THE GAME PERFECT IN EVERY WAY.... IF POSSIBLE... OTHER THAN THAT I LOVE THE GAME AND CANT GO A DAY WITHOUT PLAYING IT... THANK YOU FOR THE JOYFUL GAME, ITS MUCH APPRECIATED...
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