Character upgrade progression, you don't need to keep the exponential growth

I now have a bunch of guys, one of each class, at 6 star and upgrades are costing me 500 tokens. At this level it is slow, very slow and hard to push forward, but I make just enough progress to keep me interesting in playing.

Now I am hearing that 7 stars upgrades are 1000 tokens and 8 star 2000 tokens. I assume you guys put 9 star at 4000 and 10 star at 8000?

You guys must know that this is just plain silly, right? As a player of a game I am not going to spend a year grinding out tokens to upgrade my guy 1%. You could, however, keep each upgrade at a high but achievable level and most players will keep pushing forward. Keep it at 500 tokens for every upgrade after 5 star.

I know there are people in the world with nothing to do, but I am starting to feel like I 'won' the game. Right now I am still playing, but the moment I see 1000 tokens for the next upgrade, I am going to say 'Done! finished! Time to delete and move on to something new.'
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