Why do silver and gold equipment crates suck so badly?

Obviously this only pertains to gear crates, not any others. But the gear you get from the "special" crates is pathetic. Silver crates typically give 2 star gear, and rarely 3 star gear. Gold crates give 3 star gear, and rarely better gear. Why? Doesn't this seem off to anyone else? We get the same gear in bronze and silver crates. Shouldn't the silver crates have only 3 star gear, since they are frequent and it's not super helpful (even at my survivor level of 13)? The gold crates should only have 4 and 5 star gear, since they are rare. Let's also remember that they don't only contain gear, even on gear scavenge missions. Gold crates especially are hard to come by, and even harder to "win" without spending the 25 gold. Why is it so hard to find decent gear in this game? At least use common sense when putting rewards in the better crates.


  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,010
    @RedEye52 Don't hold your breath for getting good gear from the Gold Crates. When you do score, 4 out of 5 are typically 1-2 levels below your Survivors.
  • RedEye52RedEye52 Member Posts: 182
    At this point, that is still helpful to me. My guys are 13, going on 14. I can still make use out of gear that level 12.

    I know level is a bigger concern for max level players, but it's still moot if you never find the good gear that SHOULD be in those gold crates. Instead, it's 3 star at least 90% of the time (probably).
  • CaptainslayerCaptainslayer Member Posts: 1,411
    The players have wanted rare gear out of gold crates since the dawn of time and it hasn't changed I don't even remember the devs even acknowledging/replying to any of the threads about the topic
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  • RedEye52RedEye52 Member Posts: 182
    @Lucille896425 yeah, I know. It just doesn't make sense. Why do I get the same gear out of a "special" silver crate that I get out of the regular crates? Obviously, that logic is easily extended to the gold crates as well. If they're worried about giving away too much good gear, then change how often they show up. But don't trick us by putting crap in them. Make them worth it. I guarantee more people will spend gold to open that crate if they know for sure SOMETHING good (even if not necessarily useful) in it. I know I would.
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