Fix to the Reckonin' and Weekend Event News



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    I'm not convinced it's worthless @Mystique , maybe that's where we can agree to disagree. I'm not saying you are wrong in how you feel... you have the right to express yourself as do I.

    What bothers me is that it wasn't picked up before they sold the product, not that they fixed it. You see what I'm saying? Had it been picked up prior to the sale of the very first reckonin, we wouldn't be having this conversation.
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    @Mystique I bought the product too so I am in the same boat as all of you so please don't misunderstand me when I say that there are certain things I'm happy with versus things I am unhappy with (jus so we are clear).

    As for compensation, I never got compensated for the Rick pistol and I got over it.
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    Yup you're absolutely right @WeekOne... I wouldn't have given it a second thought about buying it if it had been sold as they "intended" it has a lower base of damage if any of my assault weapons, so yes worthless to me!! My point as is everyone else's here is that it was sold as is eas and then they nerfed the "unintended bug" and again I call bullshit that they didn't know about this ahead of time..
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    @Julialicious don't forget... I didn't get compensated for the Rick pistol so I understand how people feel. I've been there guys and I survived. I'm still here.

    You've been on the challenge rework discussions with us @Julialicious and have had several debates and I think you know where NG stands on certain issues which is why I think you understand the fix.

    I'm with you on the compensation; however, I'm not the boss, your not the boss... NextGames is.
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    > @wazzujoel said:
    > I'm new to this forum, and I hardly know anyone nor do I have any personal biases. I joined simply because of how crooked this whole situation was.
    > One thing seems pretty clear to me now... @Shteevie either doesn't know how to make things right with NG customers, or she/he doesn't have the power to make it right and has completely failed at explaining the issue to those people that could make things right. Either way the reason why this forums concerns are falling of deaf ears is because the person put in place to address these issues appears to be incompetent at their job. I can tell you if I failed this badly at my job, I would not be employed with my company anymore.
    > All I've seen from @Shteevie in this thread is complete disregard to customers concerns, and unjustifiable excuses why it's okay for NG to scam NML players money. Crazy

    Welcome to the forum.

    May I suggest taking a read through the article I posted earlier. It's fine and all to blame the person we communicate with, and thankfully he has very thick skin, but be respectful. They are trying, and like you and me at our respective jobs, sometimes mistakes are made ie. they are not perfect and neither are we.
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    [Player Edit] lmao I take it back!
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    DLich said:

    The only mistake I see is players buying a product under a preconceived notion that it would work in the same manner as a product everyone owned (only legendary) then adjusting how that product functions and saying "well the traits are what's listed so that's what you bought; no refunds allowed".

    If I buy a $200 craftsman lawnmower cause it cuts my lawn then buy a $800 craftsman lawnmower cause it cuts my lawn more efficiently and I can sit on it and then I wake up and the lawnmower no longer cuts my lawn I'm going to be pretty upset and want a refund.

    I don't want to hear that I bought 4 wheels and a seat so I'm SOL.

    Your analogy is wrong because the advertised product was delivered. Using your analogy, instead of using the lawnmower on a lawn, your turned it upside down a was using it to chop rocks. They found out and said your warranty was no longer valid.

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    Helio said:

    The anger in this thread over an issue that was clearly a bug is quite appalling. Clear proof that no, the customer is not always right, and sometimes a company is better off if certain customers leave and never come back.

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    It's a conspiracy... Mother of gawd! Lmao It's not the first time they make adjustments to a weapon.
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    I'm not disagreeing with you on that one OK... this thread is quickly becoming hilarious to me lmao
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    zbot said:

    @Mystique , I own the rare version and have upgraded it (I got it since I like to collect unique weapons, I still have Wide Margin the free Morgan's Staff), I used it to test on some missions and outpost and until yesterday I had no idea regarding the "no body shot" issue. It was never discussed on the forum until yesterday.

    I don't believe NG miss these two on the day of the Legendary Reckonin on sale:

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    Lol would you please stop, you are cracking me up lmao
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