Fix to the Reckonin' and Weekend Event News



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    When a " Board Member " is banned, that " Banned Board Member " can still post, they can still use the " PM system " to communicate with others...

    But. The " Board software " does not allow anyone else, to view their " New Posts " ( just a part of the Board Software ) but the " Banned person " can see what, they themselves have typed...

    I know this from expierence...


    ( cyber dolphin might be banned... I don't know... But @censorhip would see things as such... )
    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

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    Hopefully with the challenge rework, we can fix that @JVC_TWD
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    > @JVC_TWD said:
    > @kryptonix a lot of competition in the leaderboards just no rewards lol

    Agreed my slight to the competition is with the ongoing issue with the display of the leaderboards and not about the quality of the guilds.

    But I also feel with real rewards available the competition would be much more exciting.
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    > @CYBERDOLPHIN8 said:
    > @kryptonix
    > So Conquer Managed it again to nerf something down, so they can try to keep up with everybody else ^^
    > Well done, but at least we all got our Money back, and NG lost many paying customers too.....
    > Let's see what's next .....
    > How about nerfing the distance of Scouts ^^ lol......

    Oh snap the forum police caught me, guess I shouldn't have outed myself so easily.

    KCCO buddy!
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    ant said:

    @WeekOne I'm not really sure what 'click' you're referring to. I'm the leader of a bunch of crazies in the Asylum! And I just call them like I see them. The man/woman comes on here and does nothing but rail against those who feel they've been wronged by NG. If that's not cheerleading, then I don't what is! Of course he's entitled to his opinion, but so am I. Now, are you done cheering for little Helio or would you like to get back on topic!

    @ant It doesn't take a rocket scientist to pinpoint "the click" but that's not what I want to discuss.

    After the nerfing of the reckonin, I silently read each and every comment made on this thread. I don't like personal attacks against a person... Never have and never will... You can accept that of me or not, either way I don't care!

    Shteevie and Teeceezy have been attacked several times on this thread and I feel it is unfair. They are human beings who are sincerely trying to help us. Because they are the front line, some take it out on them really bad. It can be very rough at times. I'm actually surprised they are still on these threads chatting with us.

    I am not a cheerleader but I am also not a fan of ganging up on one person '"unfairly" and I can only take so much before I decide to jump in.

    So... here is what I have said on this thread regarding this issue:
    1) I agree with the changes made
    2) Not happy that it wasn't discovered prior to us even receiving the very first reckoning (I recall saying if it was discovered prior we wouldn't be having this discussion)
    3) Empathise with players who feel wronged and agree that people should be compensated and that I felt the 1min gas wasn't enough to appease the players
    4) Been in players shoes before and wasn't able to get a refund. I survived and am still here.

    As there have been so many comments, maybe some of my comments have been missed. So I hope this sets the record straight once and for all as to my views on what happened with The Reckonin.
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    @kryptonix the quality of the guilds? WTF are you smoking on? How in the hell can you or NG or anybody else for that matter know the quality of each and every single guild?

    Longevity makes sense but quality? What you see from the outside isn't always what's happening on the inside. Quality imo is in the eye of the beholder so it's biased
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    edited January 2017
    Always use 2 posts when one might do. Keep in mind, there is an edit button @CYBERDOLPHIN8

    @JVC_TWD obviously I can't tell you the inner workings of the guilds. But as far as score potential goes right now the scores are closer then they have ever been, with the delta between 1st and 50th actually being somewhat balanced.

    As for a long time I have tracked guild scores week after week, we are in a better place then 6 months ago.
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    @CYBERDOLPHIN8 There have been witch hunts against Shteevie and Teeceezy... if you refuse to see it, not my problem.

    I believe you will get better results when dealing with a difficult situation by remaining calm, respectful, and with tact. And sometimes, you might not get the answer you were hoping for, choose to accept it or not, and move on.

    I will say it again... been there, done that. I survived my disappointment and am still here today.
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    @kryptonix Then how can the leaderboards show the "quality" of each guild since their score isn't enough?
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    edited January 2017
    @JVC_TWD Are you smoking up again tonight? I see quality of guilds as follows: "We are all good guilds in our own right" :)

    As far as I'm concerned we are the best irregardless of the leaderboards... as far are you're concerned you are the best. Both guilds are AWESOME!

    BOOM! :)

    As far as I'm concerned, there is NOT one guild in the Top 50 Global that isn't an AWESOME guild.
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    That's great you feel that way but I wasn't talking to you lol @WeekOne

    I was talking to @kryptonix and trying to get an understanding of how the leaderboards can represent the "quality" of guilds. I mean, he must have an idea of how to do that.
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    Lol when have you seen me listen to you @JVC_TWD ? If I want to jump in or vice versa, since when has that ever stopped either one of us? Lol

    And I know you just wanted to tag me because of your secret crush on me... otherwise you would have just ignored me ;) lol
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    OK @C_Lloyd Sorry! <3
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    @C_Lloyd the reckonin' has a lot to do with that or else why bother nerfing it in the first place if it's not a game changer?
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    The 1-Min Gas Announcement is not there anymore. I hope the event wasn't yanked. I guess we'll find out in a couple of hours. :worried:

    Edit: Was it announced in the Announcement section of the forum? Now I'm second guessing myself.
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    It's the first message in this thread.
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    Weirdness...... I don't see it anymore either. :flushed:
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    WahooDawg said:

    It's the first message in this thread.

    Thanks! That was 300 messages back and I forgot. :lol:
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