Fix to the Reckonin' and Weekend Event News



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    @Teeceezy Im refraining from comment about what you just said... Lol
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    nickc25 said:

    Teeceezy said:

    @nickc25 This has been discussed with support and they will gladly help out with anybody wishing to get a refund.

    This is the kind of generic reply we get, although I appreciate the swift response. At the moment, I'm more bothered about the fact that I bought gas, spent a lot of time getting XP, using the XP, spending gold to speed up the upgrade than the body shot issue. It can't be right that a weapon can be sold with incorrect traits, for the player to them upgrade it, not realising the traits were incorrect, to be then given a brand new weapon that's not upgraded. Yeah the response is that I got two, I should be grateful kinda thing but I don't want two. So the gold I spent and the XP I spent should be refunded so I can then upgrade the new one to what the old one was, I'd then delete the old one or it should be deleted for me... thanks :)

    Apply to Apple mate,... They will once again issue a refund,,, don't forget to mention the change from point of purchase,.. Don't forget to mention the two previous weapons that have acted in the way that made you purchase this one,...It works wonders,. If they say no ask to speak to a supervisor who will then refund you,.. All the best :smiley:

    Edit:- once you get a refund come back and post it on here,.. Let's others know there rights for a refund too
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    The molotov cocktail and grenade explosions should radiate out from the impact point... (kill/damage things even when the player/survivors cannot see them)
    not having this is an understandable mistake...
    Not fixing this now that you know it should... unacceptable

    Is the molotov the only time that *fire* gives *bodyshots*?
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    Lol......they decided to make that a priority wow so many other things that need fixing. 3 kindergarten students could come up with a better zombie hungry company
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    Yeah Bodyshots on Molotov Cocktail sounds ridiculous. Putting wall to prevent us from reaching higher levels is naughty especially when the rewards on rec lvl 30 or lvl 23 are the same. I still don't understand whole idea and purpose about Bodyshots...
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    @orion put it wonderfully up above.

    Come on next games..this is whack homie! You guys keep making changes like this and I am making a response video and logging of for life. Let us enjoy the game. Every time you make a change to a great attribute it upsets us. Why Don't you change the bruisers and make them better. Rufus wasn't hurting anyone. He was helping my I am back to all reds in my logs.

    Very disappointed,
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    How about fixing a real issue with molotovs?

    If you do not actually kill a defender with the molotov, and instead of bleeding/burning out, the game crashes to desktop or simply doesn't trigger the next turn
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    I just don't understand the thinking here ...maybe it wasn't intended to have no body shots and therefore was more powerful than planned, but why didn't TPTB think "Oh, since it's a unique weapon and will make everyone want one, let's call it a happy mistake" instead of thinking "Eeeek! A bug! Let's fix it quick and piss everyone off!"
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    It sounds like a sleepless night for NG.
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    I am also an Android user and 100 % agree with Julialicious!
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    raton said:

    What happened with "everything will be abailable for every player"? @Teeceezy

    now people who spend money has privilege in weapons? Loosing credibility day by day. Well done!!

    People who spend money can get weapons not offered any other way. That has been true for a while. There are multiple problems with this:

    - Once they started offering good weapons for sale, it has been very difficult to get them any other way so people decide they need to buy them.

    - Once the weapon has been sold, it often changes because things are "unbalanced". People spend money are upset because they didn't get what they thought they were paying for.

    and yet, people still buy weapons thereby enabling NG's behavior.

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    I am so glad I don't buy weapons with real money. I'll save my cash for playing the lotto. :wink:
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    Great way to start 2017. Starting with fraud. Class Action law suit in the making. I am so in. We need to network and get some international lawyers to sue Apple, AMC and this company in Finland called NextGames.
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    This thread may set a record for the fastest thread to 200 posts!

    Remember what Daryl taught you....

    I feel for everyone who bought this. I didn't but I don't understand why NG isn't refunding people if they choose they want one. They gave people the option for a refund on the silenced Rick pistol when the silence got nerfed or they could take the compensation package of extra XP and such. Seems fair because they aren't getting a major advantage if they get their money back and the reckonin.
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    Has anyone else had issues with the reckonin' disappearing? I did not delete mine and it just disappeared. Customer service said that there's nothing they can do. I'm pretty bummed.
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    I absolutely do NOT, feel cheated... Nope... ( no sarcasm... Not ne bit of sarcasm... )

    My weapons, that I purchased, are working as advertised... Yup... Their traits are wonderful...

    Nope... No problems with NextGames as concerning their actions, they are in business to make money... ( still no sarcasm... )

    Oh yea... I did not buy the " Reckonin Weapon "

    I'm just a happy gamer...

    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

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    Didn't buy the weapon, didn't even know it wasn't drawing bodyshots, but I have to agree the timing of the fix is pretty suspect, and I would be righteously angry if I had spent money on it with the expectation that no bodyshots was an intended feature and not a bug.

    That said, I do find it amusing when posters try to selectively apply real world logic and argue the weapon should't bodyshot because real molotov cocktails don't bodyshot. Suddenly we're in RL physics and not game physics. In real life, you don'-t get two health bars either...
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