Fix to the Reckonin' and Weekend Event News



  • GovernatorGovernator Member Posts: 4,729
    @Shut_Up Daryl taught me it ain't just about getting by here; it's about getting it all. :lol:
  • RedTheWolfRedTheWolf Member Posts: 1
    When will Lucille be in the trade goods shop again?
  • KafirKafir Member Posts: 101
    This has convinced me that we get more honesty from our government than we do from some people running this game. Sad, sad, sad.

  • scorpion1863scorpion1863 Member Posts: 1
    I understand both sides of this argument, but since I only use Rufus on defense, I hardly care. Plus I don't spend money on weapons. My question is will you guys ever balance the PvP aspects of the game?

    First off I have no clue what the highest level is for people, hoping it's not some bs crazy high level (I'm currently using 16s). So it's annoying that I keep getting attacked by 17s and 18s. I can't even make a difference with two 14 level armored and two tanks. Please at least allow people to sussessfully defend sometimes.
  • spudy2207spudy2207 Member Posts: 1
    Well I think we should get somthing back ..... a huge gift as compensation ...... I have put loads of money and time and effort into playing this game and I feel conned ........ an apology is ok, nice , polite ..... but what about somthing as compensation for time and money wasted .....!!!!
  • ratonraton Member Posts: 164
    At least bring back supplies x TG!!
  • Big_BBig_B Member Posts: 5
    This was DEFENITLY the last weapon I bought!!! Same with Glenns knife and interrupt. I bought it and two weeks later it no longer works like before. It sucks. I feel only cheated and fooled.
    Congratulations, you are killing a very nice game!!!!
  • valereeevalereee Member Posts: 179
    Here's how fat, dumb, and happy I was...I had just enough supplies to upgrade either my training ground or my weapons tent. I was planning on the weapons tent, but when I saw the legendary Reckonin', I decided to go for the training grounds so I could train Rufus up one more level before spending actual money so that the Reckonin' could reach a higher level as my assault survivors did. Because I dithered for a bit I had to spend gold both to start the training and to finish it in time. Anyone out there who was more gullible than I was?
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  • VisionaryRealmVisionaryRealm Member Posts: 1
    Kill Properly or Die. #MyFEARBLVD
  • ATLAS-ZATLAS-Z Member Posts: 6,762
    Applied for a refund. Let's see how this goes.

    Probably like a morning at the DMV

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  • Top8dogTop8dog Member Posts: 738
    Mabiki said:

    Didn't buy the weapon, didn't even know it wasn't drawing bodyshots, but I have to agree the timing of the fix is pretty suspect, and I would be righteously angry if I had spent money on it with the expectation that no bodyshots was an intended feature and not a bug.

    That said, I do find it amusing when posters try to selectively apply real world logic and argue the weapon should't bodyshot because real molotov cocktails don't bodyshot. Suddenly we're in RL physics and not game physics. In real life, you don'-t get two health bars either...

    Have you never heard of the term second wind??? Lmao
  • CelerysteveCelerysteve Member Posts: 56
    I don't really have an opinion on whether it "should" have body shot or not. In all fairness, a "head shot" with a molotov sounds a bit weirder... Maybe that means there should be no "body shot" after all, since it should all be the same? Maybe see what Chris Hardwick says IDK...

    What I do know is this: them "just so happening" to notice this bug AFTER they sold the legendary version in the store is SUPER SUPER SHADY.
  • mongo911mongo911 Member Posts: 939
    @Dale is very perceptive...

    It is a shame that NextGames continues to be stuck, in the same type of problem...

    Ummm... One cultural definition of " Crazy " is...

    Doing the same thing over & over, and expecting different results...

    But kids... Is there a single " word " that discribes this continued Crazyness from NextGames...

    I'm just a simple American game player...

    I wouldn't know the " word " if it hit me on the head, or kicked my......................

    I am easily confused by other people's, laziness and sloppiness and greed...

    Any guess who might " now " be on my list, ( in 2017 )

  • MadC0wMadC0w Member Posts: 1
    So how do I get my money back for the false advertising of this weapon? It's useless now. This tactic is f'n dirty.
  • KaLiKaLi Member Posts: 426
    Speechless as many have already voiced their opinions and my words will just be repeating what everyone else is saying.

    We the players can't let this go and hope this thread continues to grow and gain exposure all players
  • KafirKafir Member Posts: 101

    Applied for a refund. Let's see how this goes.

    Probably like a morning at the DMV

    Dealing with the DMV is a dream compared to NG it seems. Tired of the lying and screwing we are getting from them. PATHETIC!!!

  • MonsutaMonsuta Member Posts: 1,168
    No refunds is a bad move. This only piss off a lot of your customers more.
  • ixxiixxi Member Posts: 14
    How about being at lvl 20 survivors but can't upgrade my council to upgrade my survivors??????? and then have a msg that lvl 22 survivors recommended to complete missions??????????
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