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I have an idea for a new weapon that would make melee more appealing. To give credit where credit is due, I had this idea while discussing things with Alyssa from Defiance who expressed that she's like to see something that would allow a melee survivor to stop/stun/control/interrupt walkers.

@Teeceezy @Shteevie , please consider this idea for a melee 'control' weapon.

A melee weapon, with range like the Kingdom spear that does little to no damage but which allows a survivor to hold a walker at bay (similar to a polearm, mancatcher or animal control loop pole that would be used to get a raccoon out of your garage). We've seen these used in game several times, as the pictures below illustrate. Some ideas for this weapon:
  • This weapon allows you to snare a walker.
  • A target that is snared cannot move (walkers/melee targets can attack adjacent targets as usual, ranged targets can attack as normal).
  • When a target is snared, your move is limited to one space per AP. You can move the ensnared target with you. This behavior may need to be refined (thought about, discussed, changed, etc. For example, maybe 2 spaces per AP is appropriate, or 2 spaces between you and the target meaning that you could move t spaces, leaving the target stationary, you could shift them 2 spaces leaving you stationary, or both you and the target could move one space each. Like I said, open for discussion/balancing).
  • I envision this as a warrior weapon, but again - open for discussion. Depending on the charge ability it might be a bruiser weapon (see more below).
  • We've seen with The Reckconin' that a weapon can have a different charge ability (Varmint Blast). I suggest that this weapon would also need a unique charge ability, and here are some ideas: The weapon is charged when a walker is killed while ensnared. Charge ability could be a multi-target stun (trip walker?) with a normal warrior arc if warrior weapon (or half the normal bruiser stun 'arc' if a bruiser weapon). Alternate charge ability - Trip Walker; stuns an ensnared target for 2 turns. Alternate charge ability: Overpower; allows you to move your full movement, taking your ensnared target with you.
Thoughts, comments, ideas?

I have some more complicated ideas (like maybe fatties can move one space when ensnared because they're more powerful but I'd like to keep it simple at this point to see if it's a concept worth considering first.

Examples from the show:

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