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I ran into no more matches left display message when I tried to raid even if I'm not in top position in outpost leaderboard. I usually get this message when I was in top position and closest player is about more than 1000 influence less than me. However as you can see this time, the influence gap between myself and player above me is only 125 and the influence between myself and player below me is 258. So what gives? @Shteevie @Teeceezy @zbot any thoughts? Thanks.

PS - My in game player name is Hunter_DK.


  • Marcus6253Marcus6253 Member Posts: 221
    @Boruto Just curious since I will never get to that level where this would happen, but do you lose the 10 TG for not finding an opponent?
  • Shut_UpShut_Up Member Posts: 2,295
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    Maybe the people closest to you were online trying to find you who was also online snd the matrix blew up and said no matches found. Seriously though you were all probably online.

    Everyone was at Rufus' having a party drinking out of the reckonin.

    You got me about a week ago for a massive 2 influence. Way to be punished by being successful. The higher you get the less you get.
  • BorutoBoruto Member Posts: 1,118

    Yes, I would lose 10TG everytime it happens but my TG inventory is so big it doesn't hurt me at all.
  • BorutoBoruto Member Posts: 1,118

    Can I ask your in game name? I usually remember most of players name I raids.
  • BorutoBoruto Member Posts: 1,118
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    Just found a new match so it seems like they got back from Rufus' party. However after I raid, no more match found again lol.
  • ShteevieShteevie Staff Posts: 1,335
    I do think that the number of things that can close out your matches are working together here and unfortunately taking your possible matches out of the list when you are looking.

    Other players online, the shield, etc. can all end up happening around the same time. You might try making more box runs so that their shield doesn't activate, or playing at different times of day.

    I hope we can improve matchmaking for you in a future update.
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