Something I've noticed on the forums as of late

I feel like I never see anyone share or post high level challenge strategies anymore. Is this because everyone is afraid NG will see common strategies and potentially nerf them? Are high ranking guilds just keeping strategies in-house to avoid other guilds catching up to them? Some combination of both? I definitely understand if that's the case. I just miss coming here and seeing videos, tutorials, and strategies on how to really push upper star limits. I can almost always get three stars up through RSL 23, but I'm not always aware of the optimal combos or strategies to go higher. Just an observation/thought I had.


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    I would like to know why there are no 'real' tips on here! I am very interested to learn how to play better and reach my nemesis of 400 stars but there seems to be no discussions on how to beat higher levelled walkers! I will post a question now and see what happens!
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    Yeah that's what I figured as well. It's a shame. I learned so much when I started lurking the forums. I also miss the lack of true strategy (re: interrupt) in the game.
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    @Mystique @javajnkie @Artisans
    Sad but true, 100% bullseye.
    The cessation of sharing has led to many longtime posters not now posting which in turn has led to this forum not being as strong as it was (with respect to newer posters).

    Alas, all things must pass...... :(
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    Thanks @OneLessTitan! I wish there was more of this kind of stuff on here. I use most of these strategies already and typically get about 420 stars per challenge as well. I'm most curious about which maps are repeatable, or at least which ones you can go higher than the rest on, which isn't always clear. There used to be so many videos! I'm enjoying the triple assault combo on quite a few maps this challenge too! I just got my Abe to epic last week so with him leading the pack it really helps.
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    Thats definitely not the case.

    There is no way to repeat anymore so dont worry bout that.
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    I can't repete any of these, well I try but get 0 stars when I do.
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    Don't have to share tips and tricks here on the forum for NG garner the info. I can't find the thread, but NG all but admitted that they had some of their minions planted in top guilds just for this reason. IMO, it is them that report back on game play to NG.
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    We can't trust NG anymore, so yes you are right
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    Use the chat with your guild to ask for help and share tips.
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    @crambert_nec I would love to share videos and such but I am not properly equipped to do so. My videos lag terribly.

    I really don't mind sharing tips even if I know something could be adjusted by NG... I just wish that I had something really good for iOS that I could use to record my missions and would definitely be sharing.

    Anyhow... hopefully we can start sharing again soon and also tell NG when something is off or wrong versus trying to abuse a loophole that was found.

    [Player Edit] I got some private messages asking me about the grey area loophole so I will share this thread for reference. Sorry I guess with all the discusssions, I some times forget there are new forum users/players reading. Please note that I belive this will be addressed with the new challenge rework found here.
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    It feels slightly flame-y to accuse people of trying to abuse loopholes because they're not fond of weapon or trait nerfs. I report bugs to NG constantly, and have never cheated or abused a "loophole". Because we disagree doesn't mean I'm abusing anything, and I am slightly insulted at the implication. In my opinion, most people are good and honest and we should assume that before assuming they're abusing the system.

    I don't want to get into a flame war and I avoid conflict at most costs, so that's all I'll say about it.

    To others, please know that I do share in dm and in fact just practically spammed someone in this thread with screenshots. If you think I might be able to help, send me a message and I'd be happy to do what I can.

    Peace y'all,
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    @javajnkie I didn't accuse anyone... I just stated a fact and a wish.

    I've seen many forum users flat out accuse other players of cheating, being NG cheerleaders, and NG of fraud because they fixed a bug.

    Also @javajnkie , we pretty much all know which grey area 'loophole' we are talking about. Many players were using it to advance on the leaderboards. It was a well kept secret and I believe the same applied to The Reckonin.

    Instead of trying to keep a loophole or a bug a secret from NG, I asked that it be shared instead. I believe NG will eventually find all of these bugs and if we help identify them, it will alleviate many problems, including frustrated players.


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    I don't know actually, but I haven't spent as much time reading the forums as some others. I really did mean the luck/dodge/interrupt/gear nerfs and actually wasn't being vague or trying to "talk around" any specific subject. So it's all good...I agree that we should all work together and report bugs to make the game better.
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    Disturbing the Peace = the answer to the most common question asked by new guild mates.
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    People are very hesitant to share anything here now out of fear. It's a shame. Best example: the Reckoning glitch. People said they thought no body shots was just part of the weapon's ability, but that was mainly crap; almost everyone (who actually knew about it and used it) knew it was a bug, and that's why it was never really discussed here. No, a couple videos with no direct reference to the bug is not open and direct sharing. I was testing a few traits out with Hunters and Assaults the night before the nerf, and started to see the bug, but the next night I logged onto the forum and there was like a gazillion views on the rufus weapon thread since apparently every top guild knew about it, but never shared any info about here.

    Is this comment considered flaming @javajnkie because all I see on his post is agree, like, and awesome?

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    javajnkie said:

    I agree that we should all work together and report bugs to make the game better.

    100% with you on this @javajnkie and that's basically what I meant in my post. Anyhow... I am off to enjoy a nice supper with my husband and I hope you and everyone else have a nice evening :)

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