Your feeling when you see red 17921500 number

I'm really want to know how other level 58 players feeling when open the game then see red" 17921500" and " upgrade your supplies storages" plus got supplies as reward. Feel free to tell your feeling........


  • Errr.. Is that lottery number? :lol:
  • Happy!!! Lol
  • I´m just one building upgrade away from it...but it looks Iike I´d think...

    "Why the hell did I ever play for tomatos instead of xp?"

    Others might think that NG has to offer some opportunities to swop them...and some others might think, that they rushed throught the game to quickly by paying for the progression.

    For sure NG has to act somehow very soon...or the revolt will be re-rolled :D
  • Welcome to the club
  • 232,066 supplies away (1.29% till full)

    based on the production per hour I have 13 hours left

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  • Almost there, but not quite. Lvl 54 with 1 tent upgrade, a couple storage upgrades, and my pit. I'm leaving the pit for last just so I can see orange cans even longer than necessary. I'm a rebel
  • @Serp If you're level 54, then you still have at least half a dozen upgrades left, and if you still have storage upgrades, then you're not actually that close to maxed...
  • Dale said:

    I'm not there yet but will be in a couple of weeks. All of my buildings are upgraded. All of my survivors are at level 20. (Well, except for the low level people I keep in the outpost.) All of the ones I use are legendary. I've completed all of the story missions, except for a few hard and nightmare versions.

    I'm rapidly reaching the "why bother?" stage. I'll keep going at least until I start wasting tomatoes. That seems like a goal for some reason. I'm getting my stars for my guild. I'm gathering radios because I like making radio calls for some reason.

    There is nothing to do now except gather tokens and hope to turn my survivors pink. But what would be the point?

    I'm in about the same position. I have 2 weeks left (of just normal production, not including chest rewards).
    I have enough survivors at level 20, although I am doing a couple more just to boost my outpost.
    All normal stories completed, most hard, and a few extra nightmare.
  • I knoW it, I'm not alone ....
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  • GebobsGebobs Member
    edited January 2017
    I saw in one of the threads (can't say for sure which one or where in it) that the reason NG doesn't make the "maters for crates" offer permanent is the concern that folks will then hoard crates. Can someone explain the logic behind that? If hoarding is indeed a problem, then why not put a limit on the number of crates one can hold just like there is for maters and XP?

    3.25M XP
    17M maters

    How about 25k crates? That's about enough to buy everything in a trade goods restock.
  • Pain_WalkerPain_Walker Content Creator
    I feel like hugging another person with 17921500
  • jmababajmababa Member
    edited January 2017
    Atleast we know the fix was for bug and next update that i have a feeling will be for challenges but atleast they fix poor rewards on challenges but still :-( on full tomatoes and full xp
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