Your feeling when you see red 17921500 number



  • @painclasher I feel your pain. I'm there too lol
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    when I'm at max tomatoes, I stop watching the videos. Reason, chance of getting tomatoes that I can't use. It is bad enough looking at my glowing orange fields, opening crate rewards of tomatoes and killing walkers at the wall and getting tomatoes. So, I will not watch anymore videos, because of the risk of getting wasted tomatoes. I'm sure I'm not the only one who does this.

    This is what I feel like doing with them:

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  • This issue is coming up in about 3 or more discussions on the forum all with the same comments, yeah being maxed out sucks and NG has posted that they will fix but when! You would think they would act quickly so we can play the game without getting aggravated.... PS don't spend money until it's fixed!
  • > @JayZ said:
    > @Serp If you're level 54, then you still have at least half a dozen upgrades left, and if you still have storage upgrades, then you're not actually that close to maxed...

    Oooooh but I am soooo much closer than when I was level 53!
  • I get the feeling that NG's investment here is on the wane. NML may have jumped the shark.
  • The solutions are under works guys. Thanks for your patience.
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    @Teeceezy Update is soon right?
  • A supplies solution won't require a client update so we're very hopeful that we can get something out for you guys as soon as possible.
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    If Soon™ is not this week, it would be great to have the good, old and trusted TG exchange, even just for 1 day. You know, just because it works.
  • Supplies x TG is the solution, maxed out for more than a month!!
  • This an offer you can´t refuse...right?

  • It's funny seeing multiple threads about maxed out supplies. Everyday I log on hoping to be able to trade my supplies for something(anything) but still no sign of a solution yet. All we keep hearing is SOON. Really sucks that soooo many players have this problem and no quick fix to help us out. Hey but SOON. My faith in NG providing us with anything is gone considering its been at least 4 weeks of being maxed out and seeing wasted crates being opened. Hopefully SOON is this weekend cause I am losing the desire to play.
  • The response I got from NG was (paraphrasing): I work long hours, you should be glad I'm talking to you at all. We'll do something someday.
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    It feels like NG got overrolled by their own economic system at the moment :D

    I imagine them, sitting around the table with pocket calculators in their hands and clouds over their heads...trying to find a solution which will not install the next timecontrolled demolition in the system :smiley:
  • You know them! Everyone loves them!
    So just a few facts about or friend the ever love able tomato:
    Tomatoes originally came from Peru, where their Aztec name translated to plump thing with a navel.
    The scientific name for tomato is Lycopersicon lycopersicum meaning wolf peach.
    People used to be afraid to eat tomatoes, thinking them poisonous due to their relation to the belladonna or (deadly nightshade) plant.
    Tomatoes increase in weight as they ripen, even after harvesting.
    Tomatoes are the richest source of lycopene which is important for the health of the prostate gland in men.
    They were first brought to Europe in the mid 1500’s.
    The first tomatoes in Europe were yellow varieties, the Italian for tomato is pomodoro and translates to golden apple.
    A tomato is a fruit. The confusion arose after the 1890s when the US supreme court named them a vegetable for taxation purposes. A fruit is the edible part of the plant containing seeds, a vegetable is stem, leaf or root.
    There is no mention of tomatoes in either the bible or in the complete works of shakespeare.
    600,000 tomato seeds traveled to the International Space Station and back before being grown in school classrooms all over Canada as part of the ‘Tomatosphere I, II, III and IV’ experiments.
    There are over 10,000 varieties of tomato, these come in a variety of colours including pink, purple, black, yellow and white.

  • I did not know that about the translation of pomodoro though I do speak a bit of Italian.
  • Maybe if there were at least a way for players to turn off the blaze orange and angry red...that seems like it just makes players hyperaware of the issue All. The. Time. If you could at least IGNORE it maybe it wouldn't eat at you.
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    @Teeceezy said:

    A supplies solution won't require a client update so we're very hopeful that we can get something out for you guys as soon as possible.

    I guess this solution would be needed very soon. I'm again at 9 million supplies after swapping 18 million supplies into leg. equipment.

  • @CRUSH almost 11M here and from some screens I saw in out guild chat(GroupMe), I know, some of my guildmates are already maxed again(well, dunno if they run on 24hour gas too often or not traded enough for equip). Hope there will be another euip trade or TG exchange soon.
  • I am getting close too, I really hope the devs answer of "soon" is the same or close to our soon! Happy hunting everyone!
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