Time to Andy Dufresne this thing

Something needs to be done about the supply situation my supplies are maxed out at 17 and a half million that's a lot of supplies I haven't been able to use supplies for months that's why they're so high and I'm still getting them but I get the upgrade supplies flag I can't you won't let me. Boxes from missions with supplies wasted Walker's killed outside my camp wasted rewards for using Glen as my leader wasted. Since you continue to waste my time by giving me useless things I'm going to write two letters a day on this board about how something needs to be done. Thank you your friend always Andy Dufresne


  • What's the point of having leader traits that give extra supplies 4 kills if my supplies are full and I can't spend them on anything. I mean anything can trade in for gas can trade in for XP can't even find anything in the shop to buy with them. It's a big problem for long-time players. Does anyone have any advice on what should be done? What can be done?
  • When killing Walkers outside my camp I don't get any supplies from them and I get this stupid sign that keeps popping up to upgrade my supplies but I can't. It's max level
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    If you are maxed out, there is no storage for further supplies. They are going to waste. It's sad but normal. Welcome to the club.

  • Dont get glenn tokens anymore from radio and shop
  • Just don't put him in the Leader position, then. He's still a good Scout with great traits (assuming he's properly leveled/upgraded).
  • May as well face it. NG sucks. We should all cut bait and run.
  • It doesn't have to be the norm I refuse to accept that. The program exists to have supplies for trade goods in the store it just has to be there every time that's all I'm trying to say I understand upgrades aren't going to come every month for the council or the gasoline or whatever but let me spend them that's the point. And if the lower-level people who are just starting to play the game choose to not upgrade their Camp that's their decision I have no decision I'm stuck with this.
  • Thank you for the advice I'm well aware of that. I plan to flood The Message Board everyday with the uselessness of full supplies. It's just making titles a point of uselessness. Thank you for your comment. All I want is supplies for trade goods in the shop every 6 hours so I don't have to have a maxed out for months on end.
  • I can accept that. It's such a simple fix the program exists for supplies for trade goods all it has to be is placed in the shop every 6 hours that's it so simple! With just a few bars of code it can be done. I encourage you join my campaign and keep posting about how much this stinks.
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  • I do not consider this to be spam. I post a comment every day about how I'm unable to use supplies. But the game wishes to give me supplies either through challenge Mission crates. killing Walkers outside my camp. It's a daily issue so I leave a daily message. Please just add trade goods for supplies in the store on a regular basis. I imagine that sometime soon there will be a council upgrade and I'll be able to spend lots of supplies. But until then one third of my rewards are going to waste. Thanks again. Hope is a good thing!
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