January 13th Weekend Event Annoucement by Terminates

TerminatesTerminates Content Creator
This was supposed to be my video for last week, but I used it this week since I really love this video clip ;p

Have fun with the Challenge this weekend!

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  • antant Member
    I have to stop watching your videos at work. I nearly lost it! Great vid as always!
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  • :D LOL - Thank you Heidi, great video! :*
    Julia - "the puppet master - the secret leader of the council!!!" =D

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  • LMFAO!!! :lol: :love: termicakes
  • I was laughing so hard I missed what the actual event was so had to watch it again. It was just as funny the second time. You are awesome @Terminates !
  • I love your sense of humor. What should we do without you?

    Thank you :smile:
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  • Love the nerf commentary! :lol:
  • Cats maybe cute, but doesn't have loyalty. Only dogs has it :lol:

    @SCBMA you're not alone mate. I must replay over, only to find half hearted event :lol:
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