what is up with these walker's

Why are these walker's so close to me at the beginning of the raid, I understood that with one update, survivor's should have more maneuver room?


  • @ZeroSix

    This happen to me too recently. From reading forum its still an issue that needs to b corrected
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  • Okay then thx it's not much problem with low lvl walker's but lvl 18 will become an issue
  • Not cool, not cool at all. You can ques how that turned out.
  • I've had that happen a million times @ZeroSix
    Luckily, I'm strong enough to get through that.
    @Shteevie @Teeceezy when will this be fixed? As well as the zombie minimum changing to the appropriate number which should be 6 in raids?
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  • We moved the starting positions away from the player in 2.3, and then noticed some walkers appearing outside of those positions afterwards. I think we have a fix for this in the next update; stay tuned for more info in the days before the release.
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  • any word on next update?
  • Wrealy hope that it will get fixed in next update, because 3- lvls above walkers are no big deal whatever how many there are, but lvl 4+ above one in arm's reach and 4 around the corner is a bit much!
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