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Hello everybody
I know i might be at the beginning and maybe it's not the case right now but i need your opinion on who should i keep/retire/upgrade/promote due to the fact that i don't know very well the traits
So here is a list of my survivors

And also , who is most suitable for outposts/scavenge missions ?


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    promote any epic thats the blue ppl except for ur hunter keep her but try to find one without vigilant.. for me rares cost too much to promote... for outpost bullet dodge. dodge iron skin & luck for anyone

    melee ppl. HAVE to have retaliate..luck dodge bullet dodge powerstrike

    ranged ppl. luck dodge bullet dodge sureshot marksman
    hope this helps some
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    @Alin109 Impressive collection of survs for ur lvl. I suggest you to keep ur tokens for later use. Though ur survs have good traits, for leg one with perfect traits you need in all cases exact trait and thats makes it way too big gamble. You can retire Wayne and Rita as I consider them to be weakest, but they are still good for ur lvl. Upgrade all ur survs to lvl8, that will help with all kind of mission. For outpost use ur survs with bullet dodge, but you will be defeated no matter what you do(I guess).
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    Damn! You got a nice crop of survivors regarding traits. The only 2 I'd say you should possibly consider retiring would be Jon (ALL of your other bruisers have ideal traits) and Joyce (but even that is a coin flip); once you get a hunter with better traits, you can comfortably retire Beth unless you just want to stick her at the outpost. Everyone else looks to be great, promotion traits pending.

    @mcbkhicks has the traits just about right except for power strike, in my opinion. 99 times out of 100 (maybe even 999 out of 1,000), you need to move your melee survivor in order for them to attack. I'd replace power strike with iron skin or strong for the last ideal trait.

    If that was my survivor crop, Dean, Francisco, and either Beth or Sam would be at my outpost.

    That's my opinion anyway
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  • euchideuchid Member Posts: 210
    I would only retire Rita, everyone else looks fine for now.
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